Keith Lambert will be fair |

Keith Lambert will be fair

I am looking forward to electing a county commissioner with a proven track record of accomplishments, who’s willing to listen without prejudice and who truly cares about the people. Let’s support Keith Lambert for Garfield County Commissioner.I am not related and didn’t know Keith until we were elected to serve on Rifle’s City Council in September 2001. Rifle, under the thumb of the 1980’s oil shale bust, came to life under his guidance and leadership as mayor. Keith lived here during the bust and knows the need for economic diversity. I admire Keith’s ability to bring organizations and individuals together through open communication and a level playing field. As mayor, Keith championed “strategic planning” and with its adoption we reached into the future and became a proactive community, rather than a reactionary one. Keith brought strategic planning to the Rifle Fire Protection District, while on its board of directors in the 1990s, and you know how far that department has come. By the same token, look how far Rifle came in the last three years. Strategic planning works to preserve rural areas by identifying future impacts and meeting them before they hit. It’s time for Garfield County to embrace the future with insight and planning, and Keith has the experience to lead us. Garfield County is under pressure from impacts of natural gas drilling and transporting, and with the demand for natural gas skyrocketing, we’ve only seen the beginning. It’s important we elect a county commissioner who not only understands the needs of our nation to extract this national treasure and the needs and rights of the companies doing business here, but will also be a strong voice for the needs, rights, health and safety of surface owners, neighbors, citizens, businesses and municipalities in the affected areas. We are told little can be done on the county level because the state makes the rules governing mineral extraction. Keith understands “strength in numbers” and advocates forming alliances with other affected counties to push the state to allow counties more control when impacted by drilling.Keith knows that an issue when represented too heavily on one side or the other creates conflict and resentment. Garfield County needs fair and balanced representation, one that will build respect and understanding of each other and will incubate the ability to come together for solutions accountable to both sides of the issues – a county commissioner who will fight for the issue and not give the excuse that the state holds all the cards and there’s nothing we can do. Nothing will change if nothing is done!I’m a lifelong Republican but won’t vote for someone just because they are a Republican. A candidate must prove he/she is best fit for the job. Having worked around both candidates and observed their abilities to work with people and bring about positive solutions for the betterment of both the urban and rural communities, I am voting for a moderate democrat, Keith Lambert, for Garfield County Commissioner. Alan Lambert is a member of the Rifle City Council and has lived in the valley for 14 years.Alan Lambert is a member of the Rifle City Council and has lived in the valley for 14 years.

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