Killing time with Cooking Kid |

Killing time with Cooking Kid

April E. Clark
Post Independent
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
April in Glenwood

If there’s one way to really get to know someone, a road trip will do it. And if the route extends from Colorado to Iowa, there’s plenty of time for small talk.

This is how I and Kendra and I became friends for life.

Kendra and I met as colleagues at the newspaper in Glenwood Springs. She’s in ad sales; I’m in editorial. In the newspaper world, these personality types can sometimes be polar opposites. We didn’t have to hang out long before we connected.

Kendra is funny. And I really like funny. Plus she is a former child star. I don’t come across them very often.

Especially in Glenwood Springs.

In the ’80s in Alaska, Kendra was better known as Cooking Kid. When I was a kid, I was an extra in “Hoosiers.” So Kendra and I share in the short-lived experience of obscure fame.

Fame might be a little strong there.

We are hardly the caliber of the kids from “The Brady Bunch.” Technically, Kendra is much more famous than me. She was on a kids’ TV show series after all. I was just in the stands cheering for Bobby Plump’s famous last shot in the 1954 Indiana State Basketball Finals.

I still haven’t found myself in the crowd.

Kendra has a great sense of humor about her career as Cooking Kid – at least I hope so after reading this. I’m always trying to get her on the mic as a stand-up comic to tell jokes about it. She survived being a child actor – without a Lindsay Lohan scandal.

So she has tons of material.

But it’s when the two of us get together that really makes for some great laughs. When Kendra’s brother Taylor was a senior in college, we decided to go on the road trip of all road trips to see his last soccer game as a collegiate athlete. We jumped in the car and made the trek from Colorado to Iowa. Normally this would be an extremely boring drive. We passed the time by playing the “Would You Rather” game.

With a twist.

Chalk it up to a sick sense of humor, or watching way too much “Fear Factor,” but we came up with several scenarios where we decided we would rather eat an eyeball than proceed with certain activities. Like driving through Nebraska and Iowa again.

Did I mention we were bored?

Once in Iowa, we attended a college Halloween party where we – especially me – were much older than the co-eds doing shots and playing Beer Pong. Somehow we managed to beat the college co-eds at Beer Pong. And I managed to fall down the stairs in front of the whole party.

Kendra was at least embarrassed for me.

Kendra and I have also road tripped to Vegas with eight girls, and we flew to South Carolina together to follow a band from Colorado that was on tour. She married the drummer from that band so that trip was worth it. But she was about to kill me before we ever made it there. I’m not much of a morning person, so taking the red eye cross-country was a test of our friendship.

Luckily we passed.

I was extremely grouchy that particular morning and I was really pushing her buttons. I remember she told me, “If I wanted to travel with a whiner I’d borrow someone’s three-year-old.” The guy sitting next to us got a kick out that.

Too bad he didn’t drive from Colorado to Iowa with us.

– April E. Clark finally has that passport she’s always wanted. She can be reached at

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