Kissinger a bad choice for Sept. 11 investigator |

Kissinger a bad choice for Sept. 11 investigator

Lorenz T. "Marty" Martensen

Dear Editor,

After the Sept. 11 attack, serious questions began to be raised about the failures of cooperation among U.S. intelligence agencies – even the withholding of information from one agency to another. The political heat kept rising as the families of the 2,983 victims maintained a relentless pressure to learn what the President learned in his August 2001 briefing about al-Qaida plans, etc.

President Bush has long resisted the creation of a commission that would investigate deeply into who knew what and when they knew it.

The president can enjoy a white Christmas without a worry about what the new commission may report just one month before the 2004 elections, which George W. expects to win. Dr. Henry Kissinger will take care of that little problem for him. Bush ignored the impeccable credentials of Warren Rudman or Rudolph Giuliani. Instead Bush appointed a man who is master of deception.

Kissinger continued supporting prolonging the Vietnam War even when he believed that it was unwinnable; he was proud of the “secret” bombing of another nation, Cambodia; and when paranoid about criticism of his policies and recommendations to Nixon, he wiretapped critical journalists and White House staff in an effort to find “leakers” of information. His policy: Crush them.

Kissinger backed the subversion of Chile’s electoral process. The socialist government was defeated. Deaths associated with the elected murderous Augusto Pinochet are still being counted. And, in the true spirit of the season, Kissinger was co-author of the Christmas bombing of Hanoi.

Kissinger owns the consulting firm, Kissinger Associates. Corporations pay him very large annual fees to appear as their “international consultant.” However, since this is only a part-time job, according to the White House, Kissinger will not have to disclose his list of clients. Personally, it is not comforting to know that such an important investigation of the recent past but also its potential affect on the future is “only a part-time job.” Since no one else is as brilliant as Dr. Henry, that must be why it is part time.

Others have described Kissinger’s basic operating principles: The enemy of U.S. foreign policy is the media, and Henry Kissinger knows far better than the American public what is good for the public. After all, the public is nowhere near as brilliant as Dr. Henry Kissinger. His resulting policy declarations ignore public opinion – and he obviously feels that corporate pals are a great help in government work – not a hindrance. He’s probably silent nowadays about one former corporate pal and heavy Bush contributor, “Kenny Boy” Lay of Texas-based Enron fame.

Be sure to look for a favorable report from Dr. Henry Kissinger in October 2003. The Bush campaign appearances will be appearing on the screen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Newspapers will have “late breaking” stories to print for the morning editions and “later late breaking” for the evening editions. The rhetoric will be at a high level – but when the Kissinger report is issued the noise will reach a very painful volume.

Don’t worry about the TV ads on your screen, though. We have all endured the worst. There was no more time to sell in the major electoral markets.

Yesterday’s election in Louisiana may offer hope. Despite millions of dollars, visits by Bush No. 1, Bush No. 2, V. P. Cheney and Trent Lott, etc., the Democratic senator won the runoff.

Lorenz T. “Marty” Martensen

Glenwood Springs

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