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Know the law about carbon monoxide detectors

Shannon KyleGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Shannon Kyle

Gov. Ritter signed HB 1091 into law in March this year. Well call this the Carbon Monoxide law. Beginning July 1, 2009, a seller of residential property with a fuel-fired heater or appliance, a fireplace or an attached garage will be responsible for assuring that a carbon monoxide alarm is properly installed within 15 feet of the entrance to each room lawfully used for sleeping also known as bedrooms. When I first heard about the law I thought it would not apply to me I have electric radiators (95 percent energy efficient) in my house, and they dont produce any carbon monoxide. But then I read that if you have an attached garage you will be required to have them. I dont know about you, but my garage being attached is my favorite detail about the garage in the winter! So I, too, am required to install (properly) carbon monoxide alarms.The alarms must produce a distinct, audible alarm. It has to be battery powered, or plug into a homes electrical outlet and have a battery backup, or be connected to an electrical system via an electrical panel. Combination devices with smoke alarms are allowed if the signals clearly differentiate between smoke and carbon monoxide.Dont think you can put this off until you are ready to sell. If you are planning any remodel, addition, alterations, appliance replacement or anything requiring a building permit you are required to install carbon monoxide alarms at the entrance to all bedrooms. Besides, its a safety measure. You will remember the family from Denver who visited near Aspen over Thanksgiving. The entire family perished due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Just think how awful it would be if you have friends or family visiting and they became sick due to carbon monoxide poisoning in your home, not to mention your immediate family members whose health and lives are at stake.The law applies to rental properties as well. Contact your property manager for details. Do yourself a favor, have alarms installed before the law requires it.Shannon Kyle, of S Kyle & Co., is co-chair of the Glenwood Springs Association of Realtors Public Relations Committee. She can be reached at (970) 379-7517.

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