Krest not cowed by Baumli |

Krest not cowed by Baumli

Dear Editor,

In reference to “Cow pies are OK,” the April 28 letter from Mildred Baumli.

It is interesting how we can take some information out of context and mold it to work for our personal way of thinking.

In my letter I did not make anyone, including the cows, wrong.

I simply printed what is. The fact that there are three times as many cows as there are humans in our country is widely known and published. The fact that cows are not indigenous to this part of the world is also obvious. The fact is that cows, especially those eventually destined to stockyards, have and are destroying our aquifer. Our streams are not only polluted by cows, but also the waters’ edges are trampled and made void of natural growth by the large hooves of the blessed cow. And I do mean blessed, for the cow is and has been abused since they have become “livestock,” which means their bottom line purpose is money.

Because of the fact that cows are money we have all but destroyed indigenous wildlife such as coyotes, wolves, cats and buffalo.

Since you, Mildred, are living in Carbondale, you might on the first warm day go in any direction and you will experience the stench from the cows’ feces and urine which is also most likely laced with medications. Is this truly a healthy environment, and is this truly healthy “food” for anybody’s consumption?

The deer and elk (and other wildlife) are diseased because of our polluting their food and water source.

I was raised in the mountains of Colorado and am very aware of the non-impact our indigenous creatures make, and also the destruction the “livestock” have amassed.

I grew up with a cow. Happy was born on Christmas day and died on Christmas day several years later. Your humor about me being chased by a bull and that I might be so fearful that I would soil myself is an erroneous presumption. And, even though you are a lady as you stated, you are welcome to call me anything you like.

In regards to my hiking where cows are making pies, I don’t mind stepping in cow pies outside of their confinement. In fact, they make great Frisbees, but do not make a quality incense like deer, rabbit, or elk scat, whose diet is far superior.

As far as your comment on “foreigners that are coming into the United States,” I say we are all one people living on this very small planet in this endless universe. We have open range, like Colorado’s, for the ranchers’ livestock.

In closing I am readying for a trip into the mountains with my new friend, Donkey-Hote.

Thank you for sharing your perception of my perception.

David Krest


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