Krieger attends candidates briefing |

Krieger attends candidates briefing

Dear Editor,

I am running for state assembly, District 61 (Aspen to Silt), on the Natural Law Party and spent all day today at the independence institute, where there was a candidates briefing seminar. Some of the speakers were Jon Caldara, Penn Pfifner and David Kopel, and some of the topics were core governing principles, education reform, education and teacher’s issues, health care, smart growth and transportation, second amendment, tabor and taxes. The seminar was excellent with a lot of great information and ideas for reform. Some of the remarks were the Medicaid system is broken and no one wants to fix it, the kids are being held hostage by Coca-Cola, and we must increase pay to teachers. The state is paying $9000/student; where is all this money going? Education is 60 percent of the state budget and Medicaid 20 percent. We must empower the individual, demand accountability and put parents and children in charge.

It was an eye-opening, glorious experience for me. I won’t mention some of the names I was called during the health care breakout session, but if the government can dictate that white flour (which isn’t much more nutritious than wallpaper paste) be enriched then maybe we can get soda pop out of schools, too, and even get labeling and safety testing of genetically modified foods. The Natural Law Party wants this, renewable energy, preventive health care, organic agriculture and campaign finance reform. My political opponents did not attend this candidates briefing. Please support me and the Natural Law Party.


Abba Krieger


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