Lack of corporate ethics is a bipartisan mess |

Lack of corporate ethics is a bipartisan mess

Dear Editors,

A couple of weeks ago, a Post Independent columnist named Bob Richardson wrote a column in which he blamed the U.S. Congress for our recent corporate scandals. Well, actually, he only blamed the Democratic minority in Congress.

Since Mr. Richardson didn’t mention any Republicans in his essay, or their eight-year Congressional majority, or their campaign platform of corporate deregulation, or the defunding of the SEC and obstruction of accounting reform, or the legislative roll-back of New Deal reforms … I thought that I would write a letter to the editors reminding Mr. Richardson of this period in recent American history. I thought that Mr. Richardson might like to reconsider his position in light of these gaps in his memory, and maybe there was room in all that blame for a few Republicans, too.

In fact, ever since Ronald Reagan took the oath of office, Republicans have been careening around Washington attacking corporate regulation like they were teenagers smashing mailboxes. All the same, I understand how Mr. Richardson might have overlooked all these events, since nowadays you can’t get most Republicans to say the word “deregulation” in public, even if you poke them with a stick.

Now along comes Mr. Richard Moolick, who is mightily perturbed by my “Democratic criminal coddling” and “foolishness.” Mr. Moolick wants us to remember that Bill Clinton is “a womanizer, a druggy, and a lawyer” and therefore he and his lackey Terry MacAuliffe are to blame for everything from male pattern baldness to the heartbreak of psoriasis.

Everything is Clinton’s fault.

I like that; it’s short and easy to remember. Given that everything is his fault, Clinton sure was one heck of an effective President, wasn’t he? So powerful that he merely waived a cigar at Congressional Republicans and they all scurried back under their desks with their tails between their legs.

So, here’s the part that I don’t understand: Now that George Bush is President, everything is now the Senate’s fault, right? Does that mean that Bush is an ineffective President?

The fact that I had defended neither Democrats in general nor Clinton in particular posed no problem for Mr. Moolick. He pretty much figures that if I try to pin any accountability on a Republican then the best bet is to remind everyone what a creep Clinton is.

You are entitled to your opinion, Mr. Moolick. However, I am sure that a freethinker like yourself wouldn’t want to get suckered into knee-jerk partisanship by deceitful lawyers and politicians, regardless of their party affiliations. So, you might want to check a couple more sources for your views besides Rush Limbaugh. Try this: Do some research on Newt Gingrich and deregulation, or George Bush and Harken, or Phil Gramm and Enron. Since you are clearly a man who stands for decency, honesty, and selfless public service, I am sure that you will come to the right conclusion and vote for the third party candidate of your choice in the next election.

I do want to examine one specific statement that Mr. Moolick made. He described former President Clinton as a cocaine abusing, draft dodger with a criminal brother and friends up their ears in shady stock deals. I was concerned that maybe he had gotten his notes mixed up – since that’s exactly the way many people describe George W. Bush.

Richard, the corporate ethics meltdown is the logical consequence of Republican deregulatory dogma and Democrat acquiescence. It’s a bipartisan mess.

Malcolm McMichael


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