Latest canyon wreck rekindles monorail dreams |

Latest canyon wreck rekindles monorail dreams

Dear Editor,

This is the second time in two and a half months that I was unable to get to work because some idiot driver wrecked a semi on Interstate 70 in Glenwood Canyon. There is no hope in fixing this problem because two-thirds of the people of Colorado believe that a high-speed monorail is unnecessary. If there were some sort of high-speed rail service, or a two-lane state highway over Cottonwood Pass, then I would have another option of getting to work.

I, along with other engineers, design the infrastructure for the town of Gypsum. However, our offices are in Glenwood Springs. When Glenwood Canyon is closed, our field engineers and surveyors are unable to reach Gypsum. These frequent closures of Glenwood Canyon have a negative impact on the cost of doing business.

Since the local economy depends heavily on the tourism industry, it stands to reason that frequent closures of I-70, either in Glenwood Canyon or on Vail Pass, prevent the tourists from reaching their destinations and will have a negative impact on the tourist industry and the economy of Colorado.

Gov. Owens prides himself in solving our transportation needs. Since Bill Owens became governor, I saw a high school friend die in a motorcycle accident; a semi explode into a fireball killing the driver; a semi plunge off a viaduct also killing the driver and almost crushing the automobile below; a semi rolled over a mother and her daughter (everyone survived that accident); too many jackknifed semis to count; and numerous Front Range drivers that believe I-70 was built just for them and everyone else should get out of the way. All this happened while commuting to work in Glenwood Canyon, and the traffic volume for Glenwood Canyon is nonexistent. There is no traffic in Glenwood Canyon, but someone manages to close it once a month.

While I sit here and wait for I-70 to open, I could only ponder the cause of this accident. I’m willing to bet good money that it was caused by an aggressive driver going too fast through Glenwood Canyon. All accidents seemed to be the result of someone driving too aggressively for the conditions.

You might be able to break our state’s driving laws and only receive a slap on the wrist, but if you try to break the Laws of Physics then your next conversation will be with God. It takes a measly 30 mph to generate enough energy to kill a human being. An aggressive driver in an automobile is as dangerous as a terrorist holding the stick of a 747, and judging by their license plate numbers, most of them are from the Front Range. My life is in danger every time I’m required to drive on a road in Colorado, and my insurance company considers me a safe driver.

I want the choice to avoid the aggressive drivers in this state, but Gov. Owens, the Independence Institute, and two-thirds of the people of Colorado believe that I do not have the right to protect myself against their bad habits. I want the choice to live my life without the fear of being killed by someone who is driving too fast for mountain roads.

The current actions of our governor do not give me that choice. More roads will not protect me from aggressive driving. I want the right to protect myself by choosing not to drive. I want the right to breathe oxygen without becoming roadkill. I want the right to live. Why can I not have that right?


Frederick Scott Wegert


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