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Learn, work and prosper, but try to have some fun

Dylan Derryberry
Post Independent
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
CMC Corner

College stands as an opportunity to further your education, work extremely hard to understand most of this knowledge and perhaps prepare yourself for a future in a profession you love. Learn, work and prosper. Yes these may be key parts to the collegiate experience, but one that isn’t stressed nearly enough is the importance to socialize in this cultural fishbowl. Too often I meet students who spend so much time studying that they begin to lose sight of the experiences around them that are just waiting to be had.

As a semi-shy, slightly awkward, first-time student entering Colorado Mountain College in the fall of 2008, I had no idea what to do with myself. While I had been preached to by parents, counselors and mentors over and over again of the need to focus on my studies, I knew (mostly from movies and TV shows) that there was a lifestyle present that was completely new to me.

Two years later, I stand with a 3.5 GPA, a Ms. CMC Drag Queen Competition winner, known lube wrestler, Olympic blogger and future University of Kansas journalism student. So how did I fit all of this, amongst many other things, into a schedule while keeping up with my studies? Well yes, there have been a number of late nights, but by simply living the life I wanted to and realizing that I had responsibilities to take care of as well. I have managed to make myself into someone that High School Dylan would have been amazed to meet.

The next two to four years of every college student’s life offers a chance to not only be on your own, but to be on your own with hundreds of other students who are also fresh out of the homestead. Everyone has a story that should be told and everyone is destined to make more, which can interweave between all of us. The people I have met in my time at CMC have had such a large influence in so many different ways, and have helped mold my crazy, goofy, educated life into what it is today. College will teach you so much about yourself, and most of the time you’d be surprised to see the potential you hold.

This is an important experience, educationally and socially, for the millions of college students about to leave home and enter a whole new world of excitement. It is a time to grow up and learn some things about yourself. Stay on top of your studies, do well in school and in life, but don’t forget to enjoy one of life’s many experiences. This isn’t just a good lesson in college; it’s a good lesson in life. Learn, work and prosper, but don’t forget to have some fun.

– Dylan Derryberry will earn his associate of arts degree from CMC next month. He plans to pursue his four-year degree in journalism at the University of Kansas.

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