Leftists now focused on 2004 elections

Bob Anderson

Dear Editor,

Last week when our commander in chief, President George W. Bush, landed on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln in a Navy jet, I and most other patriotic Americans felt a wonderful sense of pride in our country and our military’s conduct in removing a brutal dictator from power and freeing the Iraqi people.

Of course, even as the carrier’s young sailors were applauding their commander in chief, the leftists and anti-Americans were already beating their drums of dissent. Although now they cannot criticize the war (it’s over), or the killing of massive amounts of civilians (it didn’t happen), or even the cost of the war (it was less than half the estimates).

The new mantra of these leftists will now focus on the 2004 elections. The next anti-American protests will start to pop up as the first of the primaries gets under way and will grow in volume until November 2004.

But let us all remember who these protesters are. They are leftist anti-Americans who hate everything this wonderful country stands for. Their organizers are neo-communist groups and socialist-thinking aging hippies who hate our freedoms and our capitalistic society.

When they come out of their holes and raise their ugly heads this fall, remember who they are and what they represent.

And the next time you get the urge to march in the streets, carry an American flag and a banner that says, God bless America.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

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