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Let pets’ deaths be a lesson

Dear Editor,

To the residents of Apple Tree Park and home mechanics:

I recently had to put my cat to sleep because she had suspected antifreeze poisoning. She was not the first animal this spring to die of the same cause; the vet at the clinic said that they had another pet in last week that also had suspected antifreeze poisoning. Not only did I have to pay almost $150, I had to explain to my 2-year-old what was wrong with her kitty and why she couldn’t come home with us. To add to the problem our cat was also a mother to five kittens, some whom had not been weaned yet. The kittens could have also gotten the poisoning from her milk and died. Luckily they didn’t.

For all of those people out there that work on their cars at home, please be sure to cover the liquids that come from the car. Place them into another container and put them away so that pets cannot get into them. Even if you do not have pets, please be respectful of your surrounding neighbors that do. In extreme cases I have heard of kids drinking antifreeze. These things should cause you to be more cautious.

There is an antifreeze on the market that is not harmful if it is drunk. I did not even know this until my cat had been poisoned. If you have pets, or live near people that have pets, maybe next year you should by this other type of antifreeze, and help spread the word about it, so as to protect people and their pets.

Just in case that there is a person that may not have done this by accident, you know who you are. I hope that you are happy that you have successfully killed two pets, and brought pain to two different families. People need to realize that cats like to explore. They may go into other people’s yards and check things out. If there is someone out there that is leaving poison out for the animals, please stop now. There are pets out here, not just strays. If you have a problem with the animals, contact your landlord or local animal shelter. Don’t take matters into your own hands.

For my fellow neighbors in Apple Tree, be aware that your pet could be killed if they stay out all night. Keep an eye on them, make sure there isn’t anything they may be interested in drinking that could poison them. And most important of all, talk to your neighbors. Find out if your pets are bothering them. Ask them if they have their chemicals put away. Not only do our pets depend on it, our kids do to. Maybe this can help us become better friends in this neighborhood.

Dharma Jensen and Family

New Castle

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