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Let’s be honest …

Evan Zislis
Post Independent
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Let’s be honest, sometimes people are not entirely what they seem.

It’s not always their fault, and sometimes how we come across to each other just gets lost in translation.

I think the façade tends to gain momentum by sheer force of time and inertia. For instance, sometimes, the happy couple we look to for proof that true love lasts forever, is really on the path to divorce.

Periodically, trusted officials are caught engaging in grotesque and completely selfish deception. From time to time, the jet-set player we thought was living large is really up to his gold-plated Ray Ban’s in overwhelming debt. Every now and then, the pretty blonde surrounded by admirers is really the loneliest person in the room. Once in a while, the arrogant know-it-all is really just an absolute basket-case and utterly insecure about not being acknowledged by those he admires. Occasionally, the people who project the very image of success and happiness – are neither.

Let’s be honest, sometimes we spend a lot of time and energy concealing the realities of who we are.

We wear masks we think others will respect or want to see. We tout ourselves as this, that and the other thing, because it’s what we think we ought to be. We hide away. We evade and disguise. We plot elaborate, often expensive performances designed to distract and deceive.

Let’s be honest, we all do it to one extent or another – knowingly, deliberately and with the intention of obscuring the ever-present skeletons or deficiencies we assume are undesirable to those we hope will accept us.

I don’t suggest that we are instinctively deceitful, untrustworthy and treacherous – quite the contrary. Despite tremendous pressure and challenge, I think most of us are trying our hardest to put our best face forward every, single day.

But let’s be honest, sometimes life is hard and a little pretending is just what we need to psych ourselves up to manifest the reality we seek. Sometimes, a little ‘fake it until you make it’ is just what it takes.

But after so much make believe, it’s easy to lose sight of who we are underneath. I am a firm believer in putting our best face forward, but the fantasy only goes so far until we start to feel a bit hollow on the inside.

Part of the human experience is getting honest about exactly which peculiarities make us wonderfully unique individuals – and which ones are really worth evaluating, working out and evolving through.

So, let’s be honest. Sometimes I feel completely intimidated by really smart people. Sometimes I am scared to death about being a self-employed small business owner. Sometimes I wonder if people think I am over-confident to the point of arrogance. Sometimes I visualize the worst possible scenario and go too far trying to prevent “bad things” from happening. Sometimes I procrastinate my responsibilities. Sometimes I eat too much chocolate. Sometimes my home gets a little bit (wait for it) cluttered and disorganized. Sometimes I embellish my success in order to make myself seem more confident than I really am. Sometimes I get a little neurotic. Sometimes I worry about rejection and failure.

Let’s be honest, we are human – flaws and all, for better or worse.

Every now and then, it’s healthy to stop and take an inventory of who we are underneath the masks we wear for show. I think it does us all some good to remember our humanity when we come clean about what’s really going on, and try to take a few intentional steps towards becoming the person we may have been pretending to be all along. Every day is another opportunity to wake up and be awesome.

Sometimes all it takes is a little honesty.

– Evan Zislis is founder and principal consultant of http://www.MyIntentionalSolutions.com, delivering hands-on organizational solutions for households, businesses, nonprofits, students, and life transitions. To comment or suggest column topics, visit the Facebook page “Intentional Solutions.” For more information about simplifying your stuff and organizing your life, call 366.2532 or email evan@MyIntentionalSolutions.com.

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