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Let’s break the cycle of violence now

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the letter by Mr. Doug Meyers in particular, but also to anyone who is willing to listen. There has been enough rhetoric from both sides regarding the war with Iraq. The real issue at hand is: What kind of planet do we wish to live on? One where we behave as those we claim to despise, or one where we can break the cycle of violence created by the need for vengeance as expressed by Mr. Meyers (and many others).

Vengeance is a revolving door which, when entered into, can only lead to more suffering. How can killing be the answer to killing? Are we not then behaving exactly as those who we claim to be in the wrong? We have just entered a new millennium, and we’re still unable to solve our problems in a manner more befitting of our human/spiritual potential. Instead we choose to behave like barbarians.

We all aspire to an existence in which we are able to live with each other in peace and harmony, but often we experience just the opposite. The challenge then, is for each individual to decide what the response to violence should be: vengeance or forgiveness? In all my readings of spirituality and religion I have never read that vengeance is the answer. The time has come for putting into practice the values and beliefs we claim to hold true. Do we believe that love and forgiveness is the highest path for mankind?

Yes, 3-year-old Christine Hanson’s death was tragic, but does it require the death of an Iraqi child in retribution? And then won’t the family of that child want to take vengeance for their loss, and so on?

Let’s break the cycle of violence now!

Bruce Gray


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