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Let’s celebrate our freedoms while we still have some left

Out on a Limb
Ross L. Talbott
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

The celebration of our freedom called “independence” will happen shortly after you read this.

We ostensibly celebrate our freedom as Americans – freedom to speak our minds, freedom to pursue our dreams and freedom to worship the God who created this beautiful universe, the God who gave us unique talents and remarkable individuality. Every year there is less freedom to celebrate.

Homeowners associations tell you what color to paint your house. They fine you if you don’t mow your lawn often enough.

You are obligated to send your children to public school where you have little or no control over what they are taught. The students can talk about any perversion and any religion except Christianity.

We have beautiful school buildings, great athletic programs and a well paid professional staff yet achievement test scores are falling, and we are falling behind other countries. No freedom there to celebrate.

Government spending is skyrocketing, and our tax burden grows ever heavier. Every time you blink there is a new fee or a permit or tax increase.

You even lease your property from the government, and it’s called property tax. I even have to “rent” the desk I’m writing at from the government. Where’s the freedom to celebrate in that?

When I die my survivors will have to pay inheritance tax to take possession of my stuff that has already been repeatedly taxed. In many estate settlements, the heirs end up owing the IRS and the lawyers more than the value of the estate.

At least I will be totally free at that point.

Then there is mandatory insurance. It’s rather like paying protection, but the mob enforcer is different. Actually insurance is really just a guaranteed loan. They pay the bill but then they raise your premium. Call that a loan payment.

No freedom there to rejoice over.

You must have a permit or pay a fee every time you turn around. Your boat, your ATV, in fact anything that shines or moves requires some sort of assessment.

Sneeze in public and you will be quarantined for possible swine flu.

The absolute travesty of abortion is the worst abuse of so-called freedom. Both men and women want to indulge their lust and be free from the consequences by claiming women’s freedom to choose. More than 50 million babies will never celebrate any sort of freedom.

One doctor alone performed more than 60,000 late-term abortions.

Some may celebrate freedom from responsibility, but I suspect they will never really be free in spirit or conscience short of the grace of God.

What then do we celebrate – the freedom from the responsibility of raising children?

America’s birth rate is below the level necessary to sustain population level, much less growth. If it wasn’t for immigration and the high birth rate of some, at present, minorities we would be a shrinking nation.

At the rate we are going, we will soon be under socialism or maybe even Sharia law.

What freedom can we then celebrate?

Well, we, at Apple Tree Community, are going to slide down water slides, play games and indulge in food and entertainment. The day will close with a fireworks display (yes, we have a license to shoot them) and everyone will remember the freedoms that made this nation great.

I am afraid our celebration of freedom is rapidly morphing into a memorial service.

It’s parallel to the Jewish Passover celebrating freedom from slavery in Egypt.

They were set free but drifted back into all sorts of persecution.

Now they are again a free nation but threatened on all sides by nations who want them annihilated.

The chants of “Death to Israel” are coupled with “Death to America”.

Cherish what freedom we have. Be prepared to defend it. Be willing to sacrifice as did our ancestors.

And finally, the most freedom of all is spiritual. The Bible says, “Him whom the Son sets free is free indeed.”

Now there is something to celebrate!

Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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