Let’s make some changes Nov. 5

Mildred Baumli

Dear Editor,

“He is not a tree, he is a Bush.” That’s a funny! I laughed till I cried – ha.

If Bush wants to be a professional fund-raiser he is well on his way. If he has to visit a state more than six times at taxpayers’ expense flying Air Force One, there must be something wrong with the candidate. We ordinary people are more interested in the economy, having a job to pay everyday expenses, and health care.

Bush said he would not touch social security that we seniors live on. He has already used it and all the surplus money. Next thing you know he will raise taxes – another thing he said he would not do.

Where are the billions of dollars coming from to pay for a war that no one wants? Why would we want war when he has not won the first one much less another one? The Republicans think if we are in a war the people will be obligated to stand behind Bush.

I agree with several people that wrote letters to the editor saying Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld do not speak for them, but those we elected to Congress have taken the bit in their teeth. They vote the way they want to, not necessarily like we the people want them to.

When it’s time to vote Nov. 5, please show some of them the door, and put in someone who listens to the people. Only when you vote do you change the power to the ones that will listen to the ordinary people.

You wouldn’t guess that I’m a Democrat, would you?

Mildred Baumli


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