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Let’s not abandon hillside preservation

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to the proposed Glenwood Caverns tramway and associated commercial development. As a longtime resident of Glenwood Springs, I am in support of the tramway itself but very opposed to the associated development of a 9,500-square-foot building on the top of Iron Mountain.

A tram that matches the hillside and transports people to the base of a unique geological feature is one thing; it is quite another to propose a commercial development high up on a mountain overlooking our town.

These are the reasons I am opposed to the mountainside commercial development part of this project:

1. This kind of development goes directly against our longstanding Hillside Preservation codes. These regulations were developed over a long period of time with input from the citizens of Glenwood Springs in order to preserve the natural beauty of this mountain town. Our natural mountainside beauty is directly related to our property values and is one of the reasons many of us live here. A development that disturbs our natural mountainsides diminishes our property values.

2. We have a lighting code in place designed to keep unnecessary bright lights to a minimum. I cannot think of a worse case scenario of violating this lighting code than to permit the development of lights high up on the side of a mountain overlooking our town.

3. Any development on the tops of the mountains around Glenwood Springs would set a dangerous precedent. It could then become common to request all sorts of variances that go against our adopted hillside preservation codes.

In conclusion, City Council needs to stand firm in support of our previously adopted codes of lighting and hillside preservation and say “no” to the commercial development part of this project on top of Iron Mountain. If this council does not, gone will be the days of a dark, quiet mountain skyline around Glenwood Springs.

Thank you for listening,

Joe Mollica

Glenwood Springs

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