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Let’s stop supporting millionaires

Bob Anderson

Dear Editor,

On the Dec. 23 broadcast of Monday Night Football, I listened in disbelief as announcers Al Michaels and John Madden discussed how the poor first string quarterback for Pittsburgh was sitting on the bench while collecting his $5-million-plus annual salary while the poor second-string quarterback was playing the game and only making $500,000 per year. Of course, they explained, he will probably make over $600,000 next year because he was playing such a good game.

What is wrong with this picture?

To me it explains a whole lot about what is wrong in this country today. Two fat cats who both earn millions-plus each year discussing a football game (the keyword here “game,” folks) in which the players all are millionaires; a headline a few days ago about how the six stars of “Friends” (it’s a TV show, folks) will be paid $1 million each per episode next year for 25 episodes; an executive of a large public corporation paying thousands of dollars for a shower curtain; another huge corporation in bankruptcy with most of its workers left with no retirement prospects since their company stock is worthless; that very same company just hired a new CEO who will get millions just for taking the job; a securities broker who lied to clients about certain stock investments gets a $1 million fine even though he made over $25 million that very same year . get the picture?

Of course everyone is outraged by these numbers, right? Wrong. Nobody speaks out. Nobody is enraged. Nobody is calling their senator or congressmen (who, by the way, are mostly all millionaires themselves).

If I was one of the hundreds of thousands who lost their jobs this year, or one of those who lost all their money in some of these stocks or swindles, I would be screaming my head off. I would refuse to watch these millionaire ball players; these millionaire TV stars; and I would be writing volumes to those millionaire congressmen and senators; I would not be buying the products made by these corporations; get the picture?

That’s what I am doing. How about you?

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

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