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Letter: A view from outside

We recently visited Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Slovenia. Five little countries on the Adriatic across from Italy. Beautiful mountains, seashores, forests and verdant fields. Ancient and modern cities. Clean and picturesque towns and villages. Friendly people, great food and wine.
We hiked, walked and lounged in the plazas, back streets and parks. We rode public transportation, hung out in open markets and enjoyed street food and street music.
We never once encountered homeless people. We never once heard a siren. Locals drive like crazy but we never saw an accident. I did see two cops, they were watching football in a café. And, something for Glenwood – clean public restrooms in most cities and towns.
During an informal chew and chat with some armchair politicians concerning the deplorable nightmare in Washington D.C. we were left with the takeaway, “Be patient, America will again be great.”
Dean Moffatt
Glenwood Springs

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