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Letter: Bring on the “radical”

I get a kick outta gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton’s ad saying his opponent, Jared Polis, will turn Colorado into Radicalifornia with higher taxes and “dangerous” sanctuary cities. Reminds me of the old bumper sticker that read,”Don’t Californicate Colorado.”

Colorado’s tax burden is 35th in the nation and it shows in the condition of the roads and the schools. When it comes to government, you get what you pay for.

As for the sanctuary cities, as usual, politicians of Stapleton’s ilk fail to produce one crime statistic that shows they’re any more dangerous than cities where they persecute immigrants. They just say that stuff and expect people to believe it.

If Polis really is offering radical ideas, and I doubt it, I’m all for it. This state and this country needs radical change and the time for patience is over.

The real negative influence from California came when Douglas Bruce came here with his ridiculous amendment which made it impossible for state and local governments to react to emergencies. I refuse to call it the TABOR Amendment because Horace and Baby Doe had nothing to do with it.
Fred Malo Jr

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