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Letter: Change the way America polices itself

Do you know that 25 percent of every dollar Garfield County collects goes to the Sheriff’s Department. That’s almost $20 million.
Do you know that sheriffs are the only law enforcement commanders elected in the United States except for the president of the country.
Do you know what the Garfield County sheriff does?
They get the bad guy, they are the mobile arm of the court system, first in command on all emergencies and fire, staff and run the county jail, respond to 911 calls and other emergencies, respond to crowd control and give speeding tickets.
What if?
The new sheriff were a yogi and able to share with his deputies eating organic, healthy food and having a daily practice that would make their lives better and they all would come to work liking their job a little better.
What if?
The Sheriff’s Office worked with schools and worked together with administrators to enhance existing programs and or develop new ones where the students would interact with deputies and feel that the law was there friend.
What if?
The Sheriff’s Office were to get involved in the community at the public library level where deputies would show up weekly and present workshops or information about some public safety issue. Let’s get our citizens up to date, an educated community is a safe community.
What if?
The new sheriff were a God-fearing man who believes truth is what brings character and sustainability to the world; that through living truth we will be strong and bring prosperity to this our land.
What if?
Our crime rate dropped and criminals just kept driving on Interstate-70 to the next county. Wouldn’t that be cool?
This is “Khalsa,” Paramroop S. Khalsa ready and waiting for your support this next election to make Garfield County a better place to live. Let’s be the change you want to see.
It is a challenging assignment, as Khalsa is a Democrat write in. If you are voting for me, you will have to write in Khalsa in the blank on the sheriff line; khalsaforsheriff@gmail.com if you’re interested in supporting change at the Sheriff’s Office.
Paramroop S. Khalsa

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