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Letter from eighth-grade reader: Shadowing a journalist

Job shadow, every eighth-grader at Carbondale Middle School had to find someone to job shadow. Job shadow is a requirement for us to pass on to high school. For my job shadow, I contacted Mrs. Donna Gray, who is reporter for the Post Independent. She agreed for me to come and job shadow her for the whole day. I started my job shadow at 10 a.m. Wednesday, May 10, and ended at 2 p.m. During my job shadow, I learned many things. For example, something that I learned at my job shadow was that someone can contact the newspaper if they want to be in the newspaper for some reason. I learned how a reporter’s day normally goes by. In the morning, I sat next to Mrs. Gray and watched as she read some of her e-mail. Her mailbox was filled with many e-mails. What were those e-mails about? Those e-mails were mainly about events that were happening throughout the week. Also being a reporter, Mrs. Gray does have many interviews. Some interviews she does in person, while others she does over the phone. During my job shadow, Mrs. Gray and I went to two interviews, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The interview in the morning taught me many things. For example, something very important that I learned was that the state of Colorado has many victims that have MS. What is MS? MS is a disease that, in my opinion, is the worst disease that you could ever get. MS affects your senses in a way that is horrible. For example, sometimes you can’t see very well and many times you cannot walk. The woman that we interviewed had to rely on her friends to go places. I also learned that an interview could be hard, both physically and emotionally. Those are some things that I learned on the first interview.On the second interview, we headed up to Valley View Hospital because they had just opened up a library. But that library wasn’t a normal library, this library had books with knowledge about diseases. In my opinion, I think that it was a very good idea to put that library there because not everyone understands what a disease really is. For example, someone might find out that they have cancer. If they get a book from that library, they won’t be afraid about the disease that they have. Also, there are books in Spanish, which makes that library even better. After we finished the interview at the hospital, we went back to her work area and she started writing her article.As I looked around her desk, it reminded me of myself when I’m working on some homework: paper scattered everywhere and the computer right in front of me. Overall, this experience was fun and educational at the same time.Olga Gomezeighth gradeCarbondale Middle School

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