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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,I would like to comment about the Bureau of Land Management’s proposed plans for the Roan Plateau. I support the so-called Community Alternative because some things are more important than money. The gas industry is doing its best to exploit opportunities in Garfield County with limited regard for anything else. They are here to maximize profits as quickly as possible and then they will move on. What will be left when they are gone? There will be more roads, many of them. There will be cleanup sites, bulldozed landscapes, soil erosion problems, contaminated water, and further invasions by non-native plant species. Much of our county has already been rendered into sacrifice zones.If we fail to act now, the Roan Plateau will suffer a similar fate. Is our nation so desperate for natural gas that we need to do this, or is it just plain greed?Kenneth JonesGlenwood SpringsTruth doesn’t endureDear Editor,Eric Pederson, sorry, you are dead wrong. Truth doesn’t endure. Truth, in actuality, has no substance. It cannot be measured. This is why in the finite realm there exists a thing called faith.What endures is the lie. This is why we must remind ourselves of the consequences of our actions, rebuke one another and repent and do different. This is because the mechanics of bodily existence causes us to hide our debasement behind excuses. This is why the books some shall deem revealed truth must be couched in narrative. This is why faith must cling to the intercedent of a savior rather than confront the ethereal truth of a creator and the created: in all cultures. The kernel of truth must persist in a fiction. A language is fiction, for it is an organization of symbols put together to point to or away from the purer message, outside this walk on terra.There are many forms of suicide. The recent one is simply the most publicized. Hunter was a media insider, the class clown, what remains of the office of court jester, so it has to end as a media circus, of course. However, the most common form of self-annihilation is acquiescing one’s responsibilities over to a belief system. Be it religious or political or both; humanity or the polis. For this form leaves the dead walking around, voting for a regime of transparent liars for president.Eric OlanderNew CastleDo you like to play outdoors?Dear Editor, Four Mile Park and the cross country trails above Sunlight are a winter playland. A true multiuse area, people can be observed snowshoeing, skiing, sledding, hiking, and snowmobiling on a daily basis. I want to share some concerns that I have about the parking lot that accesses this wonderful resource. First, on a regular basis, bonfires are made in this lot using pallets. Nails, along with partially burnt and unburned pallets, are left behind. Secondly, drinks and food are consumed. Unfortunately, whole and broken bottles, plastic containers, cans, garbage bags and food are all left behind. These items are being spread around in the snow by the plows and other vehicles. This is dangerous. Lastly, snowmobiles are using the areas designated off-limits to them.Please, pack it in, pack it out. Be courteous and friendly. Get out and enjoy. Renee MillerGlenwood Springs

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