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Letter: What are they thinking?

I love to see people doing things in a group effort — making music, singing, dancing, even synchronized swimming. Parades bring tears to my eyes. They are so joyful, everyone doing their part willingly, happily, with great spirit and dedication. However, when I see the spectacle of North Korean troops marching in a display of military strength, my stomach turns. To call it a parade defiles the word. What I see is a block of human beings, whipped into such an unnatural gait that they are indistinguishable from each other, doing that bouncy goose step in unison, moving as one, making Kim Jon Un proud. Nazi Germany all over again.

It seems that, as a distant observer, my only resort is fantasy. How I would love to pluck just one of those soldiers out of the group and ask him or her “Is this what you really want to be doing?” Doesn’t this hurt? Or make you feel foolish? What do you give up to satisfy the selfish, if not sick, desires of that one man who thinks he deserves control over everyone else in his country? Have you lost all sense of who you are and what you might make of your life?

My fantasy continues: I wave a magic wand over the heads of the marchers and they suddenly shout “Hell no!” break rank and like a swarm of ants descend upon the review stand, removing Kim and his underlings to a mental health facility where their toxic power can hurt no one.

This may seem like a big jump, from historic and present dictatorship to the Trump administration, but it brings me to similar questions that I would like to put to those who support him and who he has chosen to serve him. To the rank and file who voted for him, I fully understand that lack of employment is the main issue that attracted you to his campaign promises, but is this the kind of person you want representing you — one who exaggerates and distorts facts, who shows no respect for the effort and accomplishments of those with whom he disagrees, who objectifies women — just to mention a few of his shortcomings? Is this a man you would hold up to your children as an inspiration for character and leadership? Or to be in lock-step with?

Of Trump’s colleagues in government, I would ask what are you thinking? Even though I am mostly in sympathy with the Democratic party, I don’t believe being a Republican makes you an ignorant jerk. However, the body language and facial expressions I see among several of Trump’s Cabinet choices and other appointments suggests a lack of authenticity in the presumed devotion to the Boss. So, what are they thinking? Do they foresee collapse of what they originally supported, creating job openings for them with greater career promise? Or is it simply fear of losing their jobs? Both, I imagine, but I would like to think that members of Congress are made of sterner stuff, able to see beyond their personal interests to what is best for our country and take risks to secure that.

Pat Girardot
Glenwood Springs

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