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Letter: (Your headline here)

The readers of the Post Independent may not know this, but when letters are submitted to the editor, the editor will put a title on the letter if the writer did not title the letter, case in point a letter I submitted which the PI titled “Democratic hypocrites.” That title was put on the letter by the Post editors, and not by me.

Obviously Mr. Diaz did not know this when he sent a letter claiming that I referred to the Democrats as hypocrites when it came to the Electoral College.

If Mr. Diaz would bother to read my letter again, he would see that I referred to the Democrats as being hypocritical when it came to election reform. When speaking about the Electoral College, I made the point that it has worked for 240 years and if changed, smaller populated states would have no voice in the presidential races.

So, Marco, how do you like them apples?

Doug Meyers
Glenwood Springs

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