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Dear Editor,

What a rare exception! An opportunity to respond to two letters to the editor published “side by side” in your Oct. 7 Commentary section, making it easy to put my comments into proper perspective.

Thank you, Mrs. Roy Moore, for your practical and well-founded views regarding Ballot Question 3C. Our children “are our future” – a fact that we cannot ignore. Evaluating the condition of our economy, our political system and our society, simply on the basis of logic and moral values, it is apparent that our children need to make much better decisions than have been made by recent generations. Our objective should be to continue to better their overall education process.

Garry Evenson says, “Children do not belong to anyone but the parents and they (I guess he means the parents, not the children) should be responsible for the cost of programs that have nothing to do with basic education.”

Well, in the real world of a caring community, kids are a part of us, and we are a part of them.

When our children grew up and became parents, we didn’t disown our grandchildren, any more than we, as responsible adults, should disassociate ourselves from the kids of our community. “Our kids” are not responsible for our preposterous taxation system, or for the unconscionable waste of school funds on failed federal programs. Local funding can be properly administered and used beneficially.

To those who have doubts, if you consult your conscience, you will vote “yes” on 3C.

Caring about kids,

Richard D. Doran


Dear Editor,

After reading Mr. Meyers’ opening sentence about how limited he feels by the 250-word limit, I was surprised that he wasted so many of those precious words on irrelevant quotes from former president Bill Clinton. Especially surprising is the fact that none of these quotes actually disputes anything Hal has written!

If Clinton had already invaded Iraq, then why did President Bush feel the need to go back? The false claims used to justify the current Iraq invasion is what Mr. Sundin was writing about; Clinton’s reasons are very out of date and a moot point.

“One must ask why wasn’t Mr. Sundin calling for the impeachment of Clinton?” Um, President Clinton was impeached, and for far less of an offense (this fact is in the article; did you actually read the whole thing, Mr. Meyers?) so Mr. Sundin didn’t need to join in.

One could also point out that we don’t have any evidence as to whether Mr. Sundin called for Clinton’s impeachment or not – consider the possibility that he did at the time (I doubt it, but it’s possible).

I found Mr. Meyers’ letter to be nothing but a mean-spirited attack on a well-researched article that raised many interesting points. Maybe Mr. Meyers and those who agree with him should try reading articles of this kind with an open and flexible mind.

Thank you,

Matthew Ballance

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Our children have a tough road ahead of them. In light of the state of the world politically and environmentally, they will need all the advantage we can muster.

For under a hundred bucks a year we can take a positive and proactive step in the right direction by voting yes on 3B.

Look around you – every single state in the nation has had to tighten the budget belt. We’ve all felt the harsh reality of the sagging economy, and it’s not our school district’s fault.

We need to help them. Do you think they woke up one day and on the spur of the moment decided to ask for the mill levy override?

We need to help. Whether you believe it or not, we’re all in this together. Whether you have school-age children or not, you will feel the positive outcome of a quality education.

It’s a ripple effect. Toss your pebble and vote yes on 3B. When you walk down the street and see our children, you will know you gave them an edge.

Mary Blichmann


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