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Dear Editor,

Taxpayer-funded public education would not be needed to ensure a fully literate society (it fails miserably anyway), if all parents would shoulder their rightful responsibility to pay the entire cost of their children’s education. I salute the many parents who have paid for quality private education (kindergarten through college) without coupons and scholarships.

I am tired of subsidizing other people’s child-rearing ambitions. Children are a luxury item, just like a boat or a show horse. If you cannot pay all the costs associated with having them, you are selfishly expecting others to give you their hard-earned money for your pet child-raising project.

I don’t expect people to give me their money for my enterprises. You had the children – you pay for them. I’ve never believed that nonsense of, “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” Raise your own child, I don’t want to.

Unfortunately, the system cannot be changed overnight, so I continue to pay my property taxes, thus sending money to the school system.

But ballot question 3B is an outrage. Now we are being asked to raise the salaries of teachers who work less than nine months of the year, to pay for daycare (before-, after- and summer-school programs), and, the height of idiocy, to pay for truant officers to bring children who will not willingly attend school! I’m voting no on 3B.


Amy E. Gardiner

New Castle

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to all those against the mill levy override, particularly Ross Talbott. When I read Mr. Talbott’s comments, it made me sick. I cannot believe that there are selfish people in our community who do not care about the future of our children. I am surprised that Mr. Talbott, a former Re-2 school board president, doesn’t appreciate the value of education. I guess it is an “emotional” situation having to do with “touchy-feely” words like, “community, kids and our future.”

The Re-2 school district has the lowest-paid staff in the Western Slope. Without the mill levy it will be impossible to compete with other districts’ higher salaries and retain our quality teachers and staff in this district. That’s why the teachers are writing the letters to the editor. They love it here, but without your help, they can’t afford to stay.

We also have the lowest government funding per student in all of the Western Slope at only $5,424. Would you like to have paid that yearly for your children to go to school, Mrs. Dawson? After all, I guess “we should take care of our own kids and not expect others to do it for us.”

Somewhere or in some way, public education has helped your kids along the way. Now is the time to give that back and vote yes on 3B this November, for “Our Kids, Our Schools, Our Community,” and most importantly, “Our Future.” Because Mr. Talbott, it is for the children.


Haley Hubbell


Dear Editor,

After careful consideration, Aspen Skiing Co. has decided to publicly oppose Referendum A, a state ballot proposal that would allocate money for water infrastructure projects.

The proposal creates blank-check authority for financing when a lack of funds is not a barrier to building new storage.

It stands to burden Coloradoans with a $4 billion bill, yet it doesn’t identify specific projects.

And perhaps most troubling, it rekindles intrastate conflict because it provides no explicit protection for Western Slope water resources.

Better solutions, such as conservation and improvements to existing infrastructure, are nondivisive and represent better policy for all of Colorado.


Pat O’Donnell, president

David Bellack, vice president

Aspen Skiing Co.


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