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Dear Editor,

In response to Ken Wright’s letter of Nov. 12, check out this Web site: http://www.moveon.org/-gore/speech2.html.

Here is a selection from Al Gore’s Nov. 9 policy speech:

“White House officials leaked the name of a CIA operative serving the country, in clear violation of the law, in an effort to get at her husband, who had angered them by disclosing that the president had relied on forged evidence in his State of the Union address as part of his effort to convince the country that Saddam Hussein was on the verge of building nuclear weapons.”

As public perception seems closely regulated, we look to history for a realistic depiction of current foreign policy.

“Dollar Diplomacy: A Study in American Imperialism” asserts:

“From the day on which the republic of the United States was established, its foreign policy has paralleled its economic expansion. “Foreign policies,” according to Secretary of State Charles E. Hughes, “are not built upon abstractions.” The imperial purposes and requirements of the United States at the foundation of the republic were those involved in conquering and in developing the commerce and the manufacture springing up along the Atlantic. The history of the United States is an unbroken record of territorial acquisition.”

Fortunately, in addition to being imperialists, we are also a nation of idealists. For this reason, as Mr. Gore asserts, “Our nation’s greatness is measured by how we treat those who are the most vulnerable. Our moral authority is, after all, our greatest source of enduring strength in the world.”

Kathryn Preston


Dear Editor,

This is in response to Ross Talbott’s letter in the Nov. 14-15 Post Independent.

Mr. Talbott, please try to stick to the story. Jenny (the recently and wrongly destroyed dog) did not threaten any livestock or any family. She followed a family home and played with them. She played with the kids in that family and their family pets.

Does this sound like a vicious animal to you? It sounds like a very friendly dog to me.

The disturbing side to this story is she was poked and prodded by the police officers at hand. Jenny responded as any frightened animal would. She was afraid and trying to protect herself. I’m just guessing, but I would venture to say that you wouldn’t enjoy being poked and prodded by shotguns yourself.

The point of this is that Jenny did not die because she was a threat to livestock, or even 60 chickens. She was shot three times, and as the rumor mill goes, she was destroyed on Officer Wilks’ property.

And, this just gets more curious as time goes on! Someone’s hiding something.

Also, Mr. Talbott, when you lost your 60 chickens to a ferocious beast of a dog, was that before or after the animal shelter that belonged to the Apple Tree dynasty was closed because it wasn’t kept up to par by those who were running it?

Laurie Sutliff

New Castle

Dear Editor,

I am writing this to make the community aware of a problem on our beloved canyon bike trail. The trail is classified as “multi-use.” The trail is used by pedestrians, bikers, Rollerbladers, nature enthusiasts and dog walkers, among others. We all must share this trail.

After hearing about a recent lawsuit, I have come to realize there is an animosity between bikers and pedestrians. This should cause alarm for all who use the trail. Why can’t we all get along? I bike, walk, run, ‘blade and take my dogs out on Horseshoe Bend on a regular basis.

When biking, be careful to watch for pedestrians and dogs and to not get going too fast so that you can’t stop within 25 feet (this is a state statute too!). When being a pedestrian or dog walker, pay attention and move out of the way of people traveling faster than you.

It is an ethical issue. The Golden Rule always prevails. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Let’s make a concerted effort to treat each other that way on the canyon trail! Relax and enjoy its beauty, and remember that even if someone doesn’t share in your sport, they matter too!

If you use the trail, please encourage City Council to enact clear and concise laws that allow everyone to enjoy the trail, including dogs. Also, when you use the trail (no matter what you do), respect the other users!


Grace A. Tennant

Glenwood Spring

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