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Dear Editor,

I retired from the U.S. Forest Service after 30 years of service. I transferred to Glenwood Springs in 1961. At that time, we had four children; one more came in 1963. Three of the oldest children graduated from Glenwood Springs High School.

At that time, it was very difficult for high school seniors to find employment in the area. The best-paying jobs were working in the coal mines. My two older boys did go to work in the coal mines and if you have ever worked hard in your life, that was the place.

The two older boys have worked hard all their lives, as have all my children., and four are still in the area. The two boys have been out of the mines for years, thank God., and they both are successful businessmen. One has a painting business, the other a carpet cleaning business.

My boys have hunted on the White River Forest since they were old enough to hunt. When they were too young to hunt, they went with me. As the years passed, they would go with others or by themselves.

This year, my boys asked me to go with them and, as I’m getting older now, I thought it may be the last time to go up on the forest with them, so I agreed to go.

A couple of weeks ago, I went with them to set up their campsite. It has been several years since they hunted in the Bowen Lake area. They and myself have hunted in that area. The two boys used to hunt there all the time. They have chosen several campsites on the Bowen Lake loop road. The area they chose this year was at the east end of the loop.

In the last week or so, some person or persons stole their tent. People have left their campsites all the time, so they may come up on weekends or during the different hunting seasons. This area is difficult to drive to; you must have a four-wheel-drive vehicle or motor bike to get there, and then it is over a two-hour drive from Glenwood.

The tent was brand new, so maybe the temptation was too great to pass by, even though it was not an easy place to find. I never used to lock anything up and you didn’t have to worry about leaving anything out where it was not secured. I think the person who would do this has to be a loser and has been a loser all their life.

My sons have never been losers and will never be, but nowadays are very sad.

When I was in my first year of college I will always remember the professor saying that you have to believe that most people are honest or this would be a hell of a world to live in. I still believe this, but if we have many more situations like this … It may be that the population has increased so much that the percentage of these losers are not great.

One of the boys’ new truck was parked in the Elks parking lot a couple of weeks ago at night with the security light shining on it, and a person or persons broke the side window and stole a checkbook. Luckily, that was all before they got scared off. He still had to get a new window and cancel his checking account.

This area along with others is not the good old place it used to be. Who was the loser in these cases? It has to be the person or persons unknown that may or may not live in this area. I’m sure that most people living in the area respect others and their property. I hope this was not an out-of-state or in-state hunter; it could have been a recreationalist just riding around.

No matter what, the person is a loser. It seems that nowadays, people do not have the same set of values that my children grew up with. What a sad world we live in.

Thomas B. Williams

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Will someone please tell Miss Danielle Stone that if she is going to respond to letters to the editor, she may want to read the whole letter she is responding to?

Danielle, you missed my point; it is called sarcasm. We should care about these people; we should stop these murders. (Please note; this was not all your fault, the editor did not print the letter as submitted.)

And to Mr. Kaplan, because there are more barbaric leaders out there, should we just sit on our hands and not take care of any of them? Just because the people being murdered don’t look like, sound like, or share your religion, should we just let them be brutalized day after day? Again, it doesn’t affect you, so why should you care.

Typical left-wing attitude!

Thank you,

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Please everybody, if you did not read the article in Monday’s commentary page titled “Can the U.S. no longer deter foreign aggression?” please dig it out and read it. Written by Ted Galen Carpenter, it explains why the current administration’s rush to war with Iraq makes no sense. Read the article and then spend a few bucks and call the people who are supposed to be representing us.

The United States has not seen it necessary to go to war with Russia or China and they represented much larger threats to us than Iraq ever has or ever will. It is critical that the leaders of this country come to their senses and stop their aggressive moves before a lot of innocent Americans and Iraqis get killed. Call them today!

George Chandler

New Castl

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