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Dear Editor,

Attention: Mr. Vanderbeek.

Fact: The wing street is considered Highway 82, not a municipal street.

Fact: Affected merchants and restaurant owners are advocating traffic circulation and not reducing access.

Fact: Status quo isn’t cheap. Look at the level of taxation for commercial properties.

Fact: All 11 businesses on the east side of Grand Avenue between 7th and 8th streets have been upgraded. As a family-operated business since 1947, we have witnessed many renovations.

Fact: Major considerations for development at the Meadows were related to more than adequate parking and traffic circulation.

Fact: Colorado Department of Transportation will not consider closing the wing street until the Grand Avenue paving project is completed in 2005, citing traffic circulation concerns.

Fact: Wing street shops and restaurants on the wing street won’t fade into history, they are history.

Unless you are or have been a commercial property owner and retail merchant in our community, I reserve the right to consider any of your assessments as irrelevant in this matter.

Tony Rosa

Pepo Nino Dining Room

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Voila! Marc Richardson’s letter to the editor on Jan. 2-3 sure sounds like a different story from the one he preached before. He acknowledged the distinction between legal and illegal immigration, and he even advised to speed up the flow of legal immigration. He is well on his way to providing a well-rounded perspective on his topic of conversation, which if anything was the intention of my letter (and his much-welcomed Spanish greeting shows it)!

Sure, as his letters spell out, there are costs that the United States incurs through the management of illegal immigration. Nevertheless, there are legal immigrants and even illegal immigrants who prove to be proactive members of our society.

What we must understand, Mr. Richardson, is that the totality of the situation is one which fosters diversity and is ultimately positive for our nation. The United States’ immigration agenda, though certainly not hidden, clearly reflects this point of view. Continue working on it.

I do take issue with one of his remarks. He called me a fraud along with everyone else I defend. What makes him assume I am a fraud? Talk about lumping people together, huh. I am a law abider, I know the difference between legal and illegal immigration. If he is, instead, suggesting that I am a proponent of matters which enrich our wonderful country, then for that I am guilty!

Joel Banuelos

New Castl

Dear Editor,

It is truly astonishing to read that some of your readers and writers actually equate the flood of illegals into this country as the same as the immigration of most of our ancestors.

My mother was born in Austria and along with her family left for America prior to the outbreak of World War II. They arrived at Ellis Island in New York Harbor and literally kissed the ground when they first set foot on U.S. soil. They were welcomed with open arms and almost immediately began the process of becoming citizens.

Anyone who believes that sneaking across our borders in the middle of the night to avoid that process; to work or not to work; to accept medical care and education paid for by taxpaying citizens; to live in subsidized housing; to pay for food with food stamps; to send 50 percent of their income back to their country of origin (Mexico’s second-largest source of income after oil exports is money earned by their citizens in the United States); is the same as what my immigrant mother experienced, is not only a fool but is dangerous.

There are 10 million to 14 million illegals in this country and that giant sucking sound you hear is our way of life heading south. An example: 30 percent of California’s record-breaking deficit last year was caused by services provided to illegals.

As I have said before, what part of illegal do you not understand? According to Webster, unlawful, illicit! Not authorized by law!

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

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