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Dear Editor,

I read the letter concerning the abortion issue. And I am very concerned about the way abortion has been portrayed.

I am about to turn 16 years old and I find abortion very wrong. It is not a good thing. Our daughters, friends and sisters will be more protected if they abstain from sex until they are married.

If you don’t want a child then don’t have sex! Every action has a reaction. And if you can’t handle the reaction don’t do the action.

Killing a living human being that God formed is wrong. And a child is human the moment he or she is conceived. We have laws against murder. Yet babies are murdered every day!

Abortion is used as an escape from responsibility. If you have sex and become pregnant, you need to care for the child or in the least put it up for adoption. So someone who will want and love it can have it! I ask that you will all look closely at the issue before dismissing it.

Lissa Robinson


Dear Editor,

Indeed, this is the 31st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, legalizing abortion in America. Since then 40 million unborn children have lost their lives.

During these years, Americans have learned the negative effects abortions have on women emotionally, physically and spiritually. Women suffer.

It’s worth noting that Norma McCorvey, “Jane Roe” of Roe vs. Wade, started a campaign, “Roe No More.” Norma began to question abortion when, from inside the industry, she saw women degraded, safe medicine brushed over, and abortionists reaping big bucks for their work.

We live in what is becoming a culture of death. Legalized abortion leads us down this slippery slope. Next, euthanasia?

Yes, let’s advocate for our daughters. Let’s teach them (and our sons) about the sanctity of life. One day soon, perhaps, they will look at this time in American history and wonder how such a holocaust could have happened.

A wise old lady says it best: “Please don’t kill the child. I want the child. I am willing to accept any child who would be aborted and to give that child to a married couple who will love the child, and be loved by the child.” ” Mother Teresa

David Miller

New Castle

Dear Editor,

You have recently published several letters regarding global warming from people who seem to have swallowed this fable hook, line and thermometer. Their qualifications are not stated, but my degrees are in physics, mathematics and engineering and I would like to list some facts:

1. Of all the carbon dioxide released into our atmosphere, some 94 to 96 percent comes from nature. Mankind is a bit player in this process.

2. About 12,000 years ago at the end of the last great Ice Age, the oceans rose over 300 feet. Are we to believe that primitive humans caused this major global warming event with their campfires?

3. The much talked-about 1 degree rise in the 20th century occurred entirely in the first half, ending about 1940. Even World War II, with our tremendous release of carbon dioxide from explosives, ships, airplanes, tanks, trucks and full-production factories (no EPA then!) caused no measurable increase in temperature.

4. Satellites measure the whole-Earth temperature and show a small decrease over the last 13 years.

5. There are geological formations called “mofettes” which vent gases, including carbon dioxide, from below the Earth’s surface. Let’s all start a new movement ” “Down with Mofettes!” This would be as useful as Kyoto or U.N. conventions.

Much more information could be summarized about the absurdity of human-caused climate change, but people have already forgotten the “coming Ice Age” of the 1970s, much touted by the media after the two coldest winters in succession in Europe. Short memories breed worthless opinions.

Rob W. Hartop


Dear Editor,

It was a great day for Mexico! President Bush was misguided when he introduced his plan for immigration reform. No surprise with Vicente Fox and the 40 thieves traversing our land from coast to coast lobbying the Mexican cause.

The president stated many benefits of this new reform, all for the illegal alien. This new “reform” would also increase the current annual limit of 140,000 green cards. We have that many in Colorado right now.

The real knee slapper is that 130,000 of them are fictitious along with their Social Security numbers, dependents claimed, drivers licenses, loyalty, etc! He did however, state that those that broke the laws “would be sent home.” Another privilege! But if so, we should see a mass exodus to Mexico very soon. If not, we’ll know that the laws of this land have been compromised by foreign nationals, not by force, but by sheer numbers.

Marc Richardson


Dear Editor,

For many years I have tried to justify getting rid of my hog of a one-ton diesel Ford truck. But because of where I live and my lifestyle, it’s been necessary to keep it as my main means of transportation.

Now that they are selling biodiesel fuel at Catherine Store, it’s a little easier to justify having a big truck.

Biodiesel is the next best thing to an electric or hybrid car. It costs more, but the benefits are worth the extra cost. No. 1, the environment, by reducing the emissions. It reduces our dependence on fossil fuels. Biodiesel reduces engine wear, improves performance, and cleans the fuel system. These are only a few of the benefits of buying biodiesel. If more people start using it, the demand will bring down the price.

Now I have to justify spending more money to fill up my tank. My answer: It’s the right thing to do. Check it out.

Ann Rector

New Castle

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