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Dear Editor, So many of us in this community are so proud and supportive of the work that the Gabriel Foundation does. We are blessed to have them in this valley anywhere! This type of organization is a feather in the crown of any community or county! Eagle County and its residents should be doing everything possible to support them! We tolerate the noise and pollution of highways, fuel emissions, blaring, harsh music in public places but birds? The rural nature of this community is enhanced by the sounds of nature and the parrots themselves. We share this planet with animals and we are responsible for them. They have as much right or more to be here than we do! They do not knowingly defile their environment as humans do!The Gabriel Foundation is a unique asset to the neighborhood. Please keep it there!We should all bend over backwards to accommodate them and then let everyone know how gracious and compassionate the people of this valley are. Special use permit? Absolutely! Sincerely, Diane Kenneyand John J. McCormickRedstone

Dear Editor,I think we all owe a debt of gratitude to Bob Anderson for espousing so bravely the viewpoint of a conservative Republican. He, like our present Congress and president, is bringing to our attention in unmistakable clarity an agenda that could have remained hidden otherwise.In my opinion, it would serve everyone who wishes to dispute Mr. Andersons rhetoric to thank him first. And rightly so. He is simply repeating what is so often espoused by Rush Limbaugh and in that arena there is no opportunity for rebuttal.In this venue there is. Anyone with factual information is encouraged to take the opportunity of an Anderson diatribe to clearly present it with integrity and honesty. Anyone who has a lick of sense will be able to tell the difference. Wont they?After all, humans dont normally engage in barking contests with every ill-tempered dog they encounter. Neither should those higher on the evolutionary ladder engage in a similar competition.Instead, I encourage those with a better understanding to appreciate the opportunity afforded by letters from Mr. Anderson and invite readers to consider viewpoints that include compassion, respect, integrity and a modicum of honesty.Let me be the first to say: Thanks Bob Anderson! I appreciate your efforts (but I admit I have never been able to read more than a few lines at a time).Gary Robertson Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,I find it ironic that Sue Gray, the woman who was beaten on for over a year, felt she needed to apologize. Here is a U.S. citizen who actually did something other than sit in front of the TV and melt in the lies from the news networks. She probably had many reasons for going to Iraq but Im thankful she brought back information from their citizens about how they are dealing with our insightful invasion. She also shared something with the Iraq people other than missiles and bullets that our government gave them with apathy. Here is a patriotic woman who was burned at the stake by the same people who grovel to a deceitful, traitorous president. I believe our country is in big trouble. We are invading other countries (Bush said it would be a 100-year war). Our countrys sovereignty and Constitution are dissolving and our borders are a joke. Our economic system is based on fake money and manipulation. The police and judicial system forget to uphold the Constitution. Im not a Republican or Democrat (Im a Libertarian), right/left wing nut (Im for the Constitution), or a religious fanatic (I havent been to church in over 20 years). Ive never met Sue Gray (I would be honored to). Im not a member of the peace coalition (yet). Im a man who makes mistakes and was too busy/lazy to care about our nation before. For that Im truly sorry, and apologize to our veterans who paid the ultimate price. Cliff HughesGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,I heard an ad on the radio by a local store advertising for Carhartt clothing. Let me clarify that I am a customer of this particular store and think that Carhartt clothing is durable and of good quality. But to advertise stating that Carhartt is made in America is absolutely false. Maybe the store advertising department should take a closer look at the labels. The Carhartt label I looked at said Assembled in Mexico of U.S.A. components.To state that they sell products that arent from those quiche eatin foreign countries is absolute bigotry. If it werent for those foreign countries, many of the products sold in this store would not even exist, not to mention many other products in our 100 percent American stores.We are all on the same planet and must work together to thrive. The United States does not occupy this entire Earth, although the person creating these ads seems to think so! This type of advertising creates an ugly image for the store and encourages me to consider not shopping there anymore.Jess GoodmanGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Little noticed in the Appropriations Bill that the Senate passed last week was the administrations victory in securing regulations that will deny overtime pay to millions of hardworking Americans. Despite efforts by advocates for working families, Congress eventually succumbed to pressure from the president and failed to block regulations that will cost some 8 million Americans the overtime pay they need and deserve.Overtime wages account for roughly 25 percent of earnings for some workers, including millions of single mothers with children. But the new regulations will let employers reclassify many employees as exempt from overtime pay. This means that nearly 8 million workers will soon lose overtime wages when they work more than 40 hours in a week. The administration is claiming victory, but the losers are the millions of workers, in this community and across the country, who will now be forced to work longer hours for less pay. Americas families deserve better. Sincerely,Judith L. Lichtman,president, National Partnershipfor Women & FamiliesWashington, D.C.

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