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Dear Editor,

The most disturbing part of this horrible killing of deer outside Carbondale is the amount of deer killed, apparently methodically, over a period of time, for no other reason than to kill. No meat taken, no racks taken, just wanton killing.

Animal abuse is a well-known factor leading to human abuse.

I only wish the penalty were more severe, more in line with the horror of the crime ” not just a fine, but perhaps a little time in prison. Time to contemplate this senseless slaughter.

It is a very ugly thing that happened.


Valerie Harriman


Dear Editor,

Roe vs. Wade has legalized the genocide of millions of the most innocent of us, wanted or not. We, as a nation, have gone to war for the sake of, and in response to, the murder of only a few thousand, yet we ignore the genocide in our own backyard. I believe we found the weapon of mass destruction and it resides within our silence.


Russell Talbott

New Castle

Dear Editor,

Regarding the responses to my letter on the global warming charade:

1. Right, Mr. Fields. Whenever I want hard scientific data, I go to a politician’s Web site!

2. More seriously, the 2,500 scientists associated with the United Nations are dwarfed by the 18,000 meteorologists, climatologists, and atmospheric scientists who have signed a petition debunking global warming, saying in part, “there is no convincing evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases are causing … heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.”

3. Many people do not realize the political agenda (e.g., the U.N. Agenda 21) behind this fraud. Consider the statement by Dr. Stephen Schneider of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in October 1989: “… offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have.” He added that his global warming colleagues had the option of choosing “between being effective and being honest.” This is the sort of dishonesty which is rife in any manufactured crisis.

4. Finally, the statement that “the 20th century’s 10 warmest years all occurred in the last 15 years” is environmental propaganda. Dr. John R. Christy, professor of Atmospheric Science and director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama, testifying before the U.S. House of Representatives on May 18, 2003, noted that “the 19 hottest summers in the past century occurred prior to 1955.”

This reinforces my previous letter which contained no errors of fact.

Rob W. Hartop


Dear Editor,

The concerns parents are raising regarding Principal DeLay’s leadership abilities are unrelated to the development of the Montessori in the Public Schools Program. It’s unfortunate that these two topics were discussed in the same article in the Jan. 29 Valley Journal.

My daughter is in her second year in the Montessori program and it has been a wonderful experience for her. I know there are some things that still need to be worked out ” specifically, educating more Latino parents about the Montessori option and finding a better way to fit the Montessori program into the larger public school system. I also know that many people are already hard at work addressing these issues.

As the discussion continues regarding whether or not Mrs. DeLay is a good fit for Carbondale Elementary School, it’s critical that we focus on the goal of providing the best educational experience for all CES students. I’m confident that the parents of children from both strands can work together to achieve this goal.

Debbie Bruell


Dear Editor,

If the military is supposed to be defending our freedoms, why is all the action in other countries? I would believe that the military was about defending our freedoms if they would limit themselves to successfully defending our borders.

The military is the tool needed for empire building. Disagree? Then why do we need Homeland Security? Will the DHS be to America as the SS was to Germany? Will spying, torture, and prison terms for protesters and others be used, like China?

It is discouraging to know that Clinton passed an executive order placing the military under the command of a United Nations charter. That is a direct violation of the Constitution. Clinton also used foreign troops, especially torture squads, to train with ours. But nothing can compare to using members of Delta Force on our own citizens at Waco.

If the military were doing such a great job defending our freedom, why do we have so much less of it than we had in 1787, in the 1800s and in the1900s? Our freedoms, like property rights, wages, the right to bear arms, and religious freedoms, have been diluted. The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Tenth amendments of the Constitution have literally disintegrated under the Patriot Act.

It’s a shame that honorable men and women have been led to believe they are defending this country’s freedoms and it’s even more disturbing that our government feels they are disposable.

Some of you will disagree with my assessment. Will you disagree when the draft is reinstated?

Cliff Hughes

Glenwood Springs

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