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Dear Editor,

I would like to commend the folks at Catherine Store for making the bold move to provide a truly alternative fuel source here in our fine valley.

This dynamic combination of vegetable oil and petroleum fuel can make a difference in both mileage and pollution. I’m getting significantly better mileage and lower emissions. When starting my truck in the cold I can smell the difference because around the house no longer has the bus-station odor typical on a cold morning warm-up time.

Although the mixture is currently at 20 percent biodiesel (B20), I am anxious to put 100 percent biodiesel (B100) in during warmer days.

Let it suffice to say that the reduction in overall emissions is noticeable with B20, 12 percent to 20 percent. It becomes even more dramatic with B100, 40 percent to 80 percent!

On top of all these benefits, engine life is extended significantly. Farmers benefit through the increase in ethanol production.

Corn is grown above the ground every year, not from oil under the ground from millions of years ago. What a concept.

The saying “try it you’ll like it” is very appropriate here.

The cost may be a tad more, yet look at the benefits. I personally will pay more to promote this great product. Historically the start-up costs associated with any new product will produce a slightly higher cost of production. If we use more, the price will go down.

I am willing to make the trip to fill up, won’t you?

Mark Rinehart

No Name

Dear Editor,

Taking office when there was a record federal budget surplus, Bush and crew now stack up one record deficit after another, the latest being $521 billion for the current year.

Meanwhile wealthy individuals and corporations pay less and less taxes, while gaining more and more privileges like open access to federal lands and resources, sweetheart Pentagon contracts, and little or no oversight of their activities.

One stock manipulation and accounting scandal, mutual stock fund scam, and CEO till tapping follows another.

Then there’s all the other facades and fakes: A faked landing on the USS Lincoln, a fake Thanksgiving (plastic) turkey photo in Iraq, a mass of faked “evidence” for the war on Iraq, a fake Healthy Forests law, a fake Medicare prescription drug law giving drug corporations billions and a donut hole for seniors, and now a fake budget proposal conveniently omitting any of the tens of billions for military costs in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And a fake concern for U.S. troops, as veterans benefits are cut and the U.S. dead and wounded in Iraq get nary a Presidential word ” this from a president with a fake military record, whose vice president, cabinet and close advisors were nearly all Vietnam war chickenhawks.

“I had other priorities,” said Mr. Cheney.

In a recent special issue on the United States, the conservative Economist of London concluded: “Long after Dubya is back on his ranch, Americans will be trying to recover from the mess he created.”

Chester McQueary


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