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Dear Editor,

You cannot change the study habits of a teenager by altering the language used to describe those same habits. Fashion the language however it makes you comfortable, but “not yet proficient” still equals “currently inept.”

Granted, there is creativity in focusing on grading systems. If you can’t fix the process, alter the results instead. Yes folks, it was the grading system all along. Turns out Joey pierced his nose and liquefied his brain on Nintendo because some hack teacher gave him a “D.” Let’s punish the teachers (whose class has 20 more students than it ought) by asking them to use valuable time to describe the precise nature of the failure.

This is such a great plan, I think we should assemble another flotilla of administrators so we can have a seminar. We’ll discuss how to bring grades up by having the physics teacher atone for handing out that “F.” Heck, we’ll even change the “F” to “Not yet proficient, probable Einstein in disguise.”

The colleges in Colorado love it? Headline: “CU Accepts 3 Proficient Students Rejected by Confused Ivy League Admissions Counselor.” Film at 11.

If you want good grades, cut down class size, pay teachers like CEOs and use school administrators to grade papers. I think they would be proficient at this.

Bruce Munroe

New Castle

Dear Editor,

In his 2002 State of the Union address, President Bush placed the education of every child in America among his top domestic priorities. He based this priority on the findings of First Lady Laura Bush’s 2001 Summit on Early Childhood Cognitive Development. Early childhood is the first five years of life. During this period, children develop essential physical, emotional, social, and cognitive skills.

Sixty-two percent of children spend this critical developmental stage under the guidance of non-parental relatives, day care, and programs like Head Start. Despite the fact that federal and state governments commit $18 billion annually to day-care and pre-school programs, not all children receive the kind of care that prepares them for success in school.

President Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act addresses this disparity by stressing the importance of both parental and non-parental guidance in preparing children for success in school, while ensuring that public school curricula prepare children for success in life.

As a parent of a 7-year-old son and twin 3-year-old daughters, I commend Mr. and Mrs. Bush for making our children and their education a national priority.


Mitchell E. Mulhall

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

I was driving by the Subway restaurant the other day and I noticed they had on their marquee “Welcome Skiers.” What a great way to welcome skiers and visitors to Glenwood Springs. It’s a simple way of saying thanks to the customers we depend on this time of the year.

So I thought, wouldn’t it be great if every business in town with a marquee or menu board or any other kind of sign or window advertising would have the same message for at least one week to show our appreciation to these customers?

Maybe as a business you could offer some kind of discount or promotion with proof of a lift ticket being purchased in our valley.

Glenwood Springs downtown merchants need to start thinking of ways to bring back customers next year if this GAPP project is going to be such a great loss of revenue as everyone expects, not to mention the Meadows project.

The next thing I thought about was to have our new mayor, his honor Larry Emery, proclaim March 15-21 as Welcome Skiers to Glenwood Springs Week, considering the new mayor has not, as far as I know, made one proclamation since becoming our new mayor. (City Council, are you reading this?)

We need to take advantage of all the visitors we have now; maybe next year they might come back just because they were treated so nice in Glenwood Springs.

When we all work together, we all win.

Jerry Butler

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Jay Haygood’s poor logic demanding censure of President Bush for leading the United States in war in Iraq demands a rebuttal.

He apparently would be perfectly happy to see Saddam Hussein’s murderous regime and the U.N.’s dithering continuing as before.

He would continue to tolerate the efforts to shoot down our pilots enforcing the no-fly-zone. Most of all he would tolerate the uncertainty of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons being used against our cities by suicidal jihadists that might reside in Iraq.

He would overlook the correct intelligence that Iraq had improved Russian Scud ballistic missiles to deliver such weapons far beyond their borders.

He would turn his cheek to the loss of 200-plus Marines in Lebanon, embassy bombings, the bombing of the USS Cole, and the possible connection with 9/11.

Would he be able to explain why not only the WMDs have not been found, but also the extensive air defense system of mobile SAMs, launchers, radars, and communication vans with high-tech Russian and French gear have not been found? Is it just possible the sands of Iraq and Syria will eventually reveal the answer, just as the MIG-25 Foxbat containing extremely advanced technology was found?

A horrific case might be when a sarin-loaded artillery round is detonated in Los Angeles by a suicide bomber from Iraq with evidence it had been in sand for a long time.

The cost might be 100,00 dead and dying. Censure of the president who took an oath to defend the United States against enemies foreign and domestic? Come on!

Larry Soderberg


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