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Dear Editor,

Glenwood Springs Middle School has a nice baseball field. Access to the field is a serious problem.

Maybe a stairway bridge from the parking lot west of the field, or a ramp gradually graded and zigzagging, would help.

Hopefully, someone can solve this problem creatively, and soon. As it is, many are denied access.

Dorothy Ann Cusack


Dear Editor,

To the mayor, incumbent trustees, future trustees and citizens of Carbondale:

Are you aware that the town of Carbondale does not have a residential occupancy provision law and neighboring towns do? Carbondale is the only town in the Roaring Fork Valley that does not protect its interest in its infrastructure.

Carbondale, while experiencing growth over the years, has reconstructed accessory dwelling units in the alleys of old town, three-story buildings in downtown and is even providing million-dollar homes in the private sector of River Valley Ranch.

But single or multiple investors, partners and owners can purchase apartments, condominiums, townhomes, attached homes or single-family dwellings to rent bedrooms, living areas or even garages to accommodate shared affordable housing.

There is no wonder Carbondale needs more open space, trails, recreational facilities, fields, smaller classroom sizes, parking, transportation around town and affordable convenient shopping.

Except for the protected River Valley Ranch development, only in Carbondale could your next-door neighbor be a family of two dozen related or non-related occupants with a half-dozen dogs/cats and who park permanently on public streets. Better yet, park on sidewalks to avoid snow removal in the winter.


Kathy Enman


Dear Editor,

As a veteran of World War II, it has taken me some time to try to relate to John Kerry’s extremely short four-month tour in Vietnam.

The treatment of Kerry’s short term in Vietnam reminds me of my squadron skipper who elected to drive across the United States when we were transferred from the European Theater to the Pacific Theater. It could have been his last chance to be with his family. So he didn’t fly with his squadron. But he was court martialed for “dereliction of duty.”

Shortly thereafter, a Naval officer was up for court martial for shutting down his command in the South Pacific ” PT 109 ” so that the entire crew could go swimming. The Japanese destroyed the PT boat. The admiral wanted hlm punished; but his political friends saved him. Another rich boy! So, they made a hero out of him ” John F. Kennedy.

Probably Kerry bumped his head a few times, was able to achieve three Purple Hearts, and was sent home after only four months in Vietnam. There is good evidence that Kerry lost no time from duty and has no limps or scars, Yet he still was able to come home eight months early, where he apparently joined the Jane Fonda team.

On April 22, 1971, he testified before Congress that “American soldiers raped, cut off ears, cut off heads … cut off limbs … randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside…”


Richard T. Moolick

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

I’m writing in response to the latest GSPI article about “low carbs.” Americans’ commercialized knowledge about the foods we eat is killing us. If you have tried commercial diets, you have probably been misinformed as to what carbohydrates actually are, and how our bodies use them.

Carbohydrates are fuel that our bodies use. They are either simple sugars, or complex carbohydrates. None are bad for you. They are simply different forms of fuel.

Each of us has a responsibility to educate ourselves about the types of fuel our bodies need.

Another huge problem with the current trend to confuse and misinform consumers is that food sellers do not distinguish between healthy and unhealthy food, in general.

Before we are given the chance to distinguish between the simple sugars in fruit, and those in cookies, we are told through advertising that all carbohydrates are bad. In reality, fruit is loaded with vitamins and fiber, and it is crucial to fighting cancers and other diseases.

To further illustrate such nonsensical brainwashing by the low-carb food industry, the woman quoted in the article said she recently lost weight “thanks to s’mores bars (and) frosted zesty lemon cookies,” and that “there are alternatives to the oatmeal I like.” This woman is so misinformed that she cannot distinguish the health benefits of oatmeal versus cookies! Scary!

I encourage Americans to become educated eaters. Before you fall for another low-carb scam, read more medically based materials and learn which foods are healthiest.

Nina Schnipper

Glenwood Springs

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