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Dear Editor,

We loved Glenwood during our four years there. We now live in Grand Junction. We moved because we could no longer stand to look out of our windows of our home, and walk down Blake Avenue and have to view junk cars parked in the front yards of two houses on Blake.

These cars have been there for the four years we lived there. Their tires and wheels are already sunken into the soil. We reported this eyesore and property devaluation to the city, but of course nothing was done about it.

These cars are all with 10 feet of the street and not in the back of their lots. They are in their front yards.

For the sake of our former neighbors, I hope something will be done about this.

Dick Webb

Grand Junction

Dear Editor,

Michael Larime’s letter, “Nuclear and coal are the answers to oil crisis” was right on point.

In order to move away from petroleum as our primary source of transportation fuel, the nation must put in place policies that will bring about a conversion to coal, nuclear and other non-petroleum fossil energy sources.

It cannot happen through the marketplace alone, in my opinion, since consumers will continue to demand large gas guzzlers as long as they can afford them, and as long as our military can keep the oil coming from the Middle East.

In Europe, gasoline is taxed heavily to discourage its use and depending on the euro/dollar exchange rate an American will pay $4 or $5 per gallon there. Some of their gasoline tax goes into mass transit and energy research, much like ours goes into highways.

Higher gasoline taxes are not the only answer for us, but policies to wean us away from petroleum-derived fuels are not at the top of our politicians’ priority lists.

The development of coal, tar sands and oil shale should be pursued, but I am pessimistic that in today’s protectionist environment it will ever happen.

If we think natural gas development on the Roan Plateau is a no-no, how in the world would commercial development of an oil shale industry ever get public approval? Probably never without a real energy crisis, and then it will be too late since these industries take decades to mature.

Glenn Vawter

Glenwood Springs

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