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City’s response to attackamounts to witch huntDear Editor,I am writing in response to your article dated June 2: “Wolf-hybrid owner to be charged in attack on child.” It is transparent through the charges that the city is on a witch hunt. Mr. Wagner took the necessary precautions with his dogs by vaccinating them with the common inoculations. Because certifying vaccinations for a breed is expensive, inoculations for the wolf hybrid have not been developed. There is currently no test that will differentiate a wolf from a dog from a wolf-hybrid. A check on the facts indicates no evidence to believe the available canine inoculations will not work in wolf-hybrids.The articles written to date have not clearly stated the circumstances under which the bite took place. Was the girl within the fenced yard? Was the mother warned previously regarding any aggressive behavior toward children? Were the guests under supervision?If this were a case involving a German shepherd, the city would rely on the best available data to determine the circumstances and risk to local pedestrians. A responsible dog owner should not be liable for the ignorance of a parent. Clearly the city is acting on emotions by pressing these charges against Mr. Wagner and Ms. Ruoff. Can you say “witch hunt”?Jason AlexanderGlenwood SpringsDon’t forgetparent’s responsibilityDear Editor,This is in response to the article in the Glenwood Post Independent June 2 (“Wolf-hybrid owner to be charged in attack on child”):Let me start by sending my most heartfelt sympathies to Gracie and Chris McSwain. What you’ve endured recently was a tragic incident, and I have no wish to cast any sort of negativity toward you and your recent hardships. I wish Gracie a speedy recovery and hope she gets to enjoy her time off from school this summer.Lots of animals are dangerous, including many breeds of domestic dogs. Even police have and train dangerous dogs. “Attack” dogs are called that, and not “snuggle me” dogs, for a reason. Obviously, when children are involved, it is the parent that is essentially responsible for the child and its safety. Using responsible judgment for your child’s safety and well-being is your responsibility and obligation. You must consider the possibility of danger, even at a petting zoo. The world is a rough-and-tumble place, and cannot be made smooth-edged and bumper car safe to protect children. Bringing a child near an animal, no matter how tame-seeming, that may sense it as food or smells like food, is risky.If we begin to negate parental responsibility we’re being risky as well. Whether wolf-hybrids should be allowed as pets I don’t know. I do know that people will do as they will, and our only recourse is as parents and adults is to make responsible, informed decisions to help keep children from harm’s way. Get well, Gracie.Sincerely,Dustin MicheliSeparating the church from the stateDear Editor,We hear about separation of church and state, but what about state as church? When state is worshiped, it’s blasphemy to speak ill of power or suggest government conspires to expand its power. Sayings of leaders (clergy) are circulated as divine decrees. One can hear, with a tinge of imagination, the apotheosizing media write, “On day one, Bush said, ‘Let there be freedom in Iraq,’ and there was freedom.”Mr. Huber, in the Post Independent (June 2), provides an example of state idolatry. He finds killing justified by religious convictions to be deplorable but sees no problem justifying killing and torture by political convictions, holy words like “freedom” and “democracy.” It is acceptable, in fact noble, to launch murderous crusades on these supposedly secular terms.Huber paints the pretty picture of cowardly Iraqis hurtling into the World Trade Center while courageous Americans drop bombs from 30,000 feet on “Saddam bastards.” It’s an amazing achievement that the state and its media lapdogs can replace nearly any trace of humanity in its faithful with ideological mantras and blind hatred. If breathing contempt and proud judgment on humans because of the borders they’re born within is one of our fine American freedoms, well I suppose I hate our freedoms too.Carden WillisSilt

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