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Dear Editor,

Why is it that the pending legislation regarding the reactivation of the military draft is not being mentioned in the media? The vote on the bills S.89 and HR.163 is apparently in limbo until after the presidential election in November, and then, if passed, the draft would be operational by June 2005. This issue needs to be brought to the attention of the voters, and parents need to be discussing the implications with their draft-age sons and daughters.

Surely this is an election issue, but it is not being treated as such by the media. All of our elected officials of whatever party need to address this issue and let the voting public know where they stand on the draft.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Johnson


Editor’s Note: The bill to which this writer refers to is called the “Universal National Service Act of 2003.” It was introduced on the floor and then referred to the the Committee on Armed Services last year. For more information on the bill, go to http://www.senate.gov or http://www.house.gov.

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to Valerie Harriman and those like her. No matter how you personally felt about President Reagan, he was a president of this country and is receiving the funeral that would be afforded, and deserved by, any passing president. If the news coverage is too much for you, turn off your TV!

There may be more coverage than in the past, but that is likely due to our 24-7 news media, not the Reagan family or a “right wing” conspiracy. Ask yourself this: If it were a president that you loved, or your personal family, how would you feel about words like yours in the paper?

Please, show some respect. There are more appropriate times to share your hatred. Expressing your hate will not convince anyone that loved President Reagan to change his or her views. It will only serve to create hatred towards you.

P.S. ” I’m really sure President Reagan died to help Bush divert attention from Iraq. Get a grip! I would like to use a word you used, but personal attacks are not supposed to be allowed!

Russ Stephens

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

I’ve been told that Reagan, by selling the Contra war to the religious right and capitalists that got him into office, had over 200,000 innocent native South Americans killed. Most were hauled off in the middle of the night. Some tortured to death. Some had their limbs chopped off to show the others in the village not to complain against their “liberators.” And most just were mowed down with bullets. I’ve learned that he used the excuse “we must help the freedom fighters,” and this sold very well to the American people.

I’ve been told that he actually had killing squads kill Catholics, priests and nuns, as well as union leaders, workers and poor peasants who didn’t comply. I’ve also researched that the CIA had major drug operations working there, to fuel America’s thirst for drugs, and to start the phony “drug war.”

I’ve also been told that some Republicans and Democrats actually made a lot of money off of this manipulation. They would set up shop to sell things, some as simple as Coke or Pepsi, or they might steal resources, but their bread and butter was truly armaments and weapons.

Could any of this be true? Could we have been sold lies? What would Bush do/think?

Cliff Hughes

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

If you watched Ronald Reagan address the Republican Convention in ’92, then you’d have a feel for how rude a turn the Republican Party has taken … not for what Reagan said, but for how he was received. So, Ronald Reagan has passed on, and some have to pretend to grieve. The optimism he tried to bring to the party didn’t resonate with the message the neoconservatives have.

Reagan’s success mandated someone to fill the power vacuum left by the Soviets. Neoconservatives have found someone.

Enter al-Qaida. Not to start a neoconservative scare, but in their effort they are like passengers on the Titanic asking others to join them. The policies that beat the Soviets will not defeat al-Qaida. Only honest dealing and a watchful eye will work.

In the meantime, Halliburton will have the blood of our children to account for. They hold the fate of the world and can feel it. It is power of a few over the many. It is gross consumption and ruination with only a business plan. It is throwing the heritage of our forefathers and the sacred honor of those who have fought in all America’s wars to the wind.

It is time to account for a new world. This is the world Ronald Reagan spoke of. It is the world George H.W. Bush had vague notions of with his “thousand points of light.” Just a thousand? Vote for George W. Bush … if he was the one running for president.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

Dear Editor,

The police publishing a clear outline of the facts in the wolf case? Har! That’s a good one, a really good one! I’m rolling on the floor laughing out loud. There’s simply no room on the incident report for facts when it’s filled out in crayon!

Tim Walker


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