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Rail, trail can coexistDear Editor,I would like to share my thoughts related to selling the rails and ties of the jointly owned Aspen Branch rail corridor. I’m sure there are many details the public is not aware of concerning the current proposal and negotiations.I support keeping at least the Glenwood Springs to Carbondale rails in place. I believe both trail and rail can easily coexist in this section and that both can be important contributors to our local economy. By “envisioning possibilities,” I see a year-round attraction in the form of a scenic rail operation, and a draw for nationwide railcar operators. We can benefit with infrastructure that is already in place requiring minimal improvements.With both Glenwood Springs and Carbondale working toward improving their downtowns and creating new performance arts theaters, the idea of a classic train connecting the two communities seems exciting and possible. Imagine special trips for arts or entertainment, shopping, or dining out at restaurants in either community, along the route, or even on board.Another opportunity that can broaden and diversify our economy is railcar excursions. The Web site of the North American Railcar Operators Association is http://www.narcoa.org. Click on “excursions” for an idea on how our communities can benefit.Transit, trails and rails can be integral assets in our regional economy. I support efforts to improve community success, invest in our future, and cooperate regionally.Greg JeungGlenwood SpringsGreg Jeune is a Garfield County commissioner candidate and former member of the Roaring Fork Transit Authority board.Use speed bumpsto slow Midland trafficDear Editor,As homeowners on Midland Avenue, we would like to suggest a solution to the speeding problem, which we seriously encounter, in order to enhance the safety along this corridor. As recreational users of this bikeway and jogging path, let’s not wait for a more serious accident than the one I had last December pulling out of my driveway.We would like to assist the Glenwood Springs Police Department in enforcing the 25-mph speed limit and suggest that we incorporate raised speed bumps, such as the ones in use on Cemetery Lane in Aspen. Which, by the way, work perfectly. These are highly effective and have no negative impact. Is the speed limit 25 or 45? It’s 25 mph! With the increase of traffic and no other alternative route in our near future, something has to change.Please give this your consideration.Charles WirthGlenwood SpringsBush has Kerry beatfor flip-flopsDear Editor,I must admit I am confused. Perhaps some of my friends in the honorable Republican Party can help me with this.You seem obsessed by John Kerry’s military record but totally unconcerned about the fact that President Bush has no military record. (“Inadvertently destroyed” – is that the political equivalent of a “wardrobe malfunction”?)You berate Kerry for “flip-flopping,” but don’t question President Bush’s record in that area. Remember the steel subsidies, the debate over safe arsenic levels, the 9/11 commission and, of course, Europe, NATO and the United Nations. In January 2003, Europe was “old-fashioned” and NATO and the United Nations were out-of-date and ineffective. In the summer of 2004, President Bush is trying to get Europe to chip in on the war in Iraq and tells NATO it is their duty to help, and demanding support from the United Nations. What happened to “We can do this alone”?You viciously and relentlessly attacked Bill Clinton during his eight years, but for the last three years, anyone who criticizes the president is anti-American, unpatriotic, and is told to move to Iraq.And this “lawyer bad, businessman good” mantra: Have you noticed how many businessmen have been going to jail recently? Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and a lawyer? What will you do in four years if the GOP nominates two lawyers for president and VP? Vote Democratic? Or just change the party line – businessman bad, lawyer good?Like I say, I’m confused.Phill GerdelBasalt

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