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Creeping socialismstarts here, not in D.C.Dear Editor,The popular mantra is to blame the federal government/Bush-Cheney for everything you don’t like, from businesses leaving the country to your sick dog. Let me remind you that your state, county and municipal governments load you with regulations, covenants, zoning, inspections, taxes, etc., ad infinitum. A large part of the high cost of living and doing business is directly attributed to these entities.The people who constantly and exclusively rant against George Bush would be a lot more credible if they discussed state and local issues with which they have direct involvement. Let’s fight creeping socialism first in our towns, then in Garfield County, then the state of Colorado before we worry about the uttermost parts of the world.Give us FREEFROM.Ross L. TalbottNew CastleThose who criticize Iraq war should be ashamedDear Editor,Recently I heard an interview with a man from Iraq. He was a Kurd who used to live in northern Iraq under Saddam Hussein’s tyranny. One summer day in the early ’80s he and his family were going about their daily business when trucks, tanks and airplanes descended on his village.They were all rounded up and put in unventilated trucks and driven for hours in searing temperatures into the desert. When the doors were finally opened, they were dragged out and shoved into giant sand pits and shot by machine guns until all were dead. Men, women and hundreds of children. He was shot four times and played dead until it was safe for him to crawl to safety. He told how he watched as a young woman who was nine months pregnant was shot so many times that her unborn child spilled from her stomach out into the carnage. They bulldozed them over with dirt and began filling another hole to continue with more people.Still want to protest the war in Iraq? Sure, why not, you didn’t know any of these people.Be ashamed.Russell ColettiRoaring Fork ValleyAll Americans want the same thing; vote to replace current leadershipDear Editor,We Americans live together in artificial division – right and left – each clinging to our hopes and our fears, all wanting the same things: safety, security, opportunity and, most of all, freedom. We’re Americans!As an honorably discharged veteran who remembers Vietnam and Watergate, I fear a repeat. I neither love nor hate either of the current presidential candidates, but I think that we, as a country, are screwing up.Poverty rises steadily, the brunt on children. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class slowly slides down. Government is infested with corporations that owe allegiance only to profits while we are conveniently distracted by Kobe and gay marriage and Hurricane Lacey. We’ve alienated allies and angered much of the world.I am not satisfied with the way my government is handling itself. I have to vote against the current administration in order to send a message that I want no part in “pre-emptive war” or any other killing for control of resources. I want to live in a society that values people.Democracy was devised as a check on capitalism – to ensure that wealth would not dictate justice. We are in danger of losing our democracy if we are not careful.We can live on less oil. We’re Americans!I’m voting out the incumbent because I am not satisfied.Sincerely,Douglas L. BernesGlenwood SpringsLetter supporting flat tax betrays misunderstanding of consequencesDear Editor,Surely Eloise Ilgen did not think of all the consequences when she proposed a national sales tax to replace the income tax.I worked – and paid federal income tax – for 48 years and still saved and invested for retirement. Eloise now wants to change the rules. So I paid federal taxes on salary coming IN, and now that I’m spending my savings, she wants to tax the money going OUT.Republicans, usually with regard to taxation of dividends on stocks, constantly rant about “double taxation.” But Eloise’s plan is the most outrageous form of double taxation one can imagine.One might also ask on what items she would collect the national sales tax. Obviously the poor will pay sales taxes on bread and milk. But will the wealthy pay sales tax on purchases of stocks and bonds, mansions, yachts? Guess! Remember a few years ago a “luxury tax” was established on certain luxury items, but the wealthy had that eliminated by Congress almost overnight. So Eloise is dreaming if she thinks a sales tax would be equal for everyone; overnight the wealthy will have their “exemptions.”She is also optimistic if she thinks a 10 percent rate would be adequate. The best estimates are that if a sales tax replaced an income tax the rate would be somewhere between 20 and 25 percent.D. Ferrel Atkins Estes ParkVideos contain truth about Sept. 11 attacksDear Editor,Is this really “the land of the free and the home of the brave”? If so, Americans should not be afraid of truth. Here is some truth of which you may not be aware. On Sept. 11, 2001, the World Trade Center towers did not collapse from fire. They exploded from a controlled demolition, as did building 7.Also, there is no evidence of American Airlines 77 crashing into the Pentagon. Don’t believe it? Please, don’t take my word for it. Watch any or all of these videos and decide for yourself: “Painful Deceptions: An Analysis of the September 11th Attack” (www.erichufschmid.net); “9/11: The Great Illusion” (www.fearorlove.com); and “911 In Plane Site” (www.the-powerhour.com). Do you have the courage to face the truth? The fate of this country and the world may very well hinge upon your answer to that question.Steve CampbellGlenwood Springs

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