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Better than Bush?George Bush amounts to the worst job as president recorded over the last past century.Bush has run a federal deficit over the past three years, and is projected for an even bigger deficit when his fourth year ends. The federal deficit for 2003 was $374.3 billion, is $395.8 billion so far in 2004, and is projected to end in 2004 at $445 billion. Bush gets credit for having 1.1 million fewer jobs in America. In 2003, Bush also gets credit for increasing the number of U.S. people in poverty by 1.3 million, to 35.9 million. Bush also gets credit for increasing the number of U.S. uninsured people by 1.4 million to 45 million. Bush is still in favor of the $5.15 hourly minimum wage freeze. The Federal Trade Deficit for 2003 was about $500 billion, and is projected so far for 2004 to be at $600 billion.The Bush administration is spending billions a year on wars, pushing for huge tax cuts for the wealthy, while overlooking the rest of average working America. We have also gone from being 30 percent dependent on foreign oil some 30 years ago in the Nixon era, to being currently 60 percent foreign oil dependent under Bush.Couldn’t virtually anybody be better off for president than Bush? Hasn’t Bush proved it to us all? Unconditionally!Doc PhilipCarbondaleBeing liberal a learned afflictionDear Editor,Oh the spin! It’s OK for the big three network stations to propagate the waddling buffoon’s propaganda-filled “Fahrenheit 9/11,” and it’s perfectly in line for the “Sundance has-been” to run anti-Bush programming 24 hours on his station prior to Nov. 2, but it’s an atrocity for the Sinclair television stations to air a program showing the reality of John Kerry’s anti-war tantrums during the end game of Vietnam.There is no limit to what liberals will do to justify their actions. Their motto should be, “If it’s right, it’s left!” I have come to the conclusion that being a liberal or conservative is not a learned affliction. You are either born left-thinking or right-thinking. It’s one’s perspective on life in general. Liberals “feel” your pain, where as we Republicans try to analyze it to see if it has a “balance and reality.” If we then deduct that you truly do have pain, we treat it so it will go away.In closing, I’m asking all liberals within eyesight of this paper to atone for their shortcomings. Bow your heads in remorse. We Republicans are to be revered and worshiped as gods and we will forgive you. OK, OK, I got carried away, but it did “feel good” to say that last bit.Free DeBeque!Russell ColettiThe Roaring Fork Valley

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