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Dear Editor,

Lynn Burton’s article, “Motorists out of the rough at Aspen Glen” (Oct. 1), I found interesting for several reasons because I had the chance to be a flagger on the project and also providence was with me as I acclimate to Glenwood Springs and surrounding communities as far away as Vail.

I worked for CC Enterprises, a subcontractor to Elam Construction of Grand Junction. Both companies from my participatory view did well under the scrutiny of Colorado Department of Transportation resident engineer Karen Stufflebeam-Rowe and her field crew, headed by Casey Peter.

When I attended a joint Glenwood Springs City Council/CDOT meeting at City Hall, I found Ms. Rowe, along with her fellow CDOT peerage, forthright, considerate, imaginative, professional and full of foresight always presented with protocol worthy of international diplomatic recognition and praise.

Cordially yours,

Emzy Veazy III

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

In response to the articles in the Oct. 9 issue, re: Michael Stagner case, I find it hard to understand how someone can be found innocent when it’s clear they committed the crime. Stagner should have been found GUILTY by reason of insanity.

Would it have made a difference if some of the victims were Caucasian? My son and grandson were living very close by in the trailer park next door, at the time Stagner went on his shooting spree, and often would walk across the street to City Market, so it’s by sheer luck they were not involved. I’m so thankful they weren’t, but it tears my heart out to think he may be free to do this again someday.

As a medical professional I know that when a person with schizophrenia and/or bipolar disease is treated properly they can do very well in society, but if they are not treated or decide they don’t need their medication anymore they can go off the wall as did Stagner. So while he’s in the hospital, he can eventually present well enough to be released, and then what?

It’s at this point that I think if the verdict were GUILTY by reason of insanity, when they decide to release him from the hospital he should go directly to jail. Don’t give him another chance to hurt even one more person or family.

My heart goes out to all who were involved and I wish I had the power to change our judicial system – we know he was GUILTY. May you be comforted during this trying time and know that there’s others who don’t understand either.

Gyla Palm


Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to ask all Garfield County residents to cast their vote for Lou Vallario for Garfield County sheriff this November. I have known both candidates for this office for the past 15 years, and feel that Lou Vallario is the most qualified candidate for this position. Lou has demonstrated excellent judgment and performance of his duties during his tenure with the Glenwood Springs Police Department. He has a background in business that would enable him to easily assume the administrative tasks of the Sheriff’s Department and a strong background as a law enforcement officer that easily outshines that of his opponent in this race.

I feel that the obvious differences between the two candidates are best demonstrated by a couple of recent events. In particular, I refer to the recent incident where a sheriff’s deputy briefly stopped at the scene of a serious accident and then left the scene, leaving the situation in the hands of witnesses and other bystanders. The sheriff attempted to minimize this failure to perform law enforcement duties by stating that the deputy didn’t have the necessary resources with him to deal with the situation. Did the deputy leave his training at home? Did he leave his common sense at home, or is common sense not a criteria under the current sheriff’s administration?

Perhaps the above attitude of the sheriff is consistent with his recent comments that Lou Vallario should just remain a “cop.” I think that this statement alone demonstrates the difference between the two candidates. That is, Lou Vallario considers himself a law enforcement officer and the present sheriff considers himself to be something else (perhaps a politician, private security consultant, or media flak for other politicians’ campaigns).

As a retired police officer I take particular offense with the current sheriff trying to belittle Lou Vallario by calling him a “cop,” as if that profession is beneath the present sheriff. I’m proud of my time as a police officer and the officers who worked with me were also. I don’t know exactly what the current sheriff is, but I do know he isn’t a law enforcement officer.

The residents of Garfield County can be assured of the fact that, if they should become involved in an accident and one of Lou Vallario’s deputies arrive on the scene, they won’t just ride off into the sunset leaving an injured person to fend for themselves, they will do their duty to the best of their ability and render aid.

The voters of Garfield County have a unique opportunity at hand. The Sheriff’s Department can once again be a law enforcement agency, headed by a professional law enforcement officer, or it can continue to be a bully pulpit used by a petty politician in furtherance of his own political ambitions.


Bob Halbert

Vernal, Utah

Editor’s note: Bob Halbert is a former Glenwood Springs police chief.

Dear editor,

I am very distressed at the tone of Lou Vallario’s campaign. Shame on him for making political out of a tragic accident.

The scope of training and responsibility for a transport officer, in any jurisdiction, is control and transportation of prisoners. They are not trained in traffic control or medical procedures.

Sheriff Dalessandri has developed a very competent staff who are well trained in their respective positions. Dalessandri, himself, has an exceptional amount of training and has taught and continues to teach at Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academies.

Those of us who worked to get a new jail know that in addition to running a good department, Tom did more than anyone else to accomplish this.

Vote for experience and competence! Vote to re-elect Tom Dalessandri!


Jan Kaufman

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

I am writing to voice my profound disappointment in the Post Independent editorial board’s failure to endorse Tresi Houpt for Garfield County commissioner. While I am sure that you try to be fair in your assessments of the candidates, I respectfully disagree with your conclusion.

Most disturbing is your support of Mr. Stowe in spite of your own substantial list of six areas in which he needs to “step it up a notch and do a better job as a county leader.” Mr. Stowe has shown us over the past four years where his loyalties lie and what his priorities are. There is no reason for the voters of Garfield County to think that he will lead or vote differently if he is returned to office.

All six of these issues have been at the heart of Ms. Houpt’s campaign platform and her position on these issues is clear. If the paper deems them important and feels Mr. Stowe has failed in these areas, the paper, and the voters, should not support his candidacy.

There is a saying that if you do things the same way, you get the same results. The voters of Garfield County should be assured that if they vote for the same candidate, the county will continue to be run the same way. If you agree that Mr. Stowe did not act in the best interests of the community on very important issues, vote accordingly.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Ball

Glenwood Springs

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