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Get the security of this country back in competent handsDear Editor,In 1968, with 30 American servicemen dying daily in Vietnam, draft-eligible G. W. Bush secured an officer’s slot with the Guard, even though, according to Texas Guard historians, all 29 pilot positions were filled; the cost of training each Guard pilot: $1,000,000.00+. In addition to a standard six-year commitment, guard pilots typically agreed to fly five years upon completing training. By 1972, with the war winding down, Bush flew his last sortie April 16, vanished for six months, lost his flying status, eventually requesting and receiving early discharge. He defrauded America’s taxpayers.The majority of Americans did not cast their ballot for G. W. Bush in 2000. Just as he had as a young man, he used deception and preferential status to secure his goal.Against the sentiment of millions and the clear majority of nations worldwide, he bullied our government into approving the unwarranted, foolhardy invasion of Iraq.G. W. Bush-supporter in 2000, retired four-star General Tony McPeak: “What I’m against is this carelessness, the sloppiness, the stupidity. What I’m against is having a commander in chief who lives in a fantasy world. The highest responsibility of a statesman is to have contact with the real world, to understand the facts as they are. Because if he makes a mistake, we pay for it with our daughters and sons.”Who of us would give our child for Bush’s deception? I’m so sorry for you who already have. Ex-Republican General McPeak, in asking us to elect Democrat John Kerry: “I think we have to get the security of this country back in competent hands.” Annette Roberts-GrayGlenwood SpringsEnough already with Bush’s wild west anticsDear Editor,OK, I’ve now had enough … thousands more innocent men, women and children have now been killed because of George Dubya’s wild west antics to invade a country that had NOTHING (nothing!) to do with 9/11. WHY on earth would ANYONE in their right mind want the Bush administration to continue? Sincerely,Jeannie CarterAspenSign vandalism is juvenileDear Editor,As I was traveling downvalley past Glenwood and Rifle a week or so ago, I was disappointed to see that someone had actually destroyed a political sign that said “Republicans for Kerry” and further down the road I was again dismayed to see that someone had defaced a “Salazar” sign with spray paint. This juvenile behavior has no place in a healthy democracy. I thought to myself, how lucky I am to live in a more “open minded” “forward thinking” area, where folks believe in everyone’s right to express their opinion. Imagine my surprise to come home from a weekend of moving cows in the mountains to find my “Kerry/Edwards” signs stolen!They were carefully placed behind the property line–but I checked with CDOT just to be sure, and they had no record of confiscating signs at my address (although I am very familiar with where the line is, I thought perhaps a highway worker may not be.) As a dedicated voter who has never missed any vote–city, county, national, or primary since my 18th birthday (many years ago), I have to tell the thief that you are a coward. If you feel your candidate is so weak, that you need to steal the other candidate’s signs to make a difference, maybe you need to look for a new candidate!I have voted across party lines many times, and will do so again this year in a variety of races, I tell folks that I take pride in voting for the best man (or woman). Folks have asked me about voting for Kerry and Edwards, and this is my most succinct explanation. If you are happy with health care, your taxation level, the economy, how the war has been handled, and mostly the multi-TRILLION dollar deficit, then by all means, vote for Bush and Cheney. Laurie Vagneur,Carbondale

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