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Fellow teacher endorses LambertDear Editor,We often have to vote people into office based on our impressions of them from ads or what we have heard about them from our friends. I am pleased to be able to endorse and vote for Keith Lambert for County Commissioner based on my first-hand knowledge of his expertise.I work with Keith as a co-teacher. I can vouch for his work ethic and dedication to our communities. He has a clear understanding of the issues that are impacting our area and a vision for healthy growth. He has a natural ability to listen and to lead with patient diplomacy. I’ve seen Keith work with people from different walks of life, political parties, and points of view. He can bring a group together and get things done. His work as our mayor here in Rifle is a shining example of that.Garfield County needs the kind of leadership Keith can provide right now as we face times of tremendous change. Many of us are very concerned about the future if things continue as they have been going. I hope this endorsement of Keith will help you decide to choose him on election day.Sincerely,Barb JensenRifleFormer commissioner endorses McCownDear Editor,As a retired County Commissioner, I would like to add to the endorsement I had printed earlier in October for Larry McCown.Larry has dealt with many issues since he was first elected and has devoted a great deal of time and effort in doing his homework and using practical and common sense approaches to the problems of a growing county, in population as well as increased oil and gas production.With a heightened awareness of security for an area served by an interstate highway and a railroad necessary for transportation of goods nationwide, Larry has worked diligently since the formation of the countywide communication system to ensure that all cities and towns have the ability to dispatch emergency services throughout the county. His background in county government policies as well as being a former law enforcement officer has enhanced our E-911 capabilities for the benefit of all the people of Garfield County and the surrounding areas.I recommend a vote for Larry McCown as you cast your ballot for commissioners.Sincerely,Marian SmithGlenwood SpringsJeung stands for open governmentDear Editor,I just tried to look up the minutes of this past week’s County Commissioners’ meeting on the Garfield County Web site. I was very disappointed. The “Commissioners” page has no link to meeting minutes. I searched the site and found a page that shows the date of the latest meeting. That takes you to the “Download Central” page. But the handful of meeting minutes available there are all old. Just for the heck of it, I looked at those minutes and saw they don’t show how each commissioner voted. It just says, “motion carried” after the item. We need to have clear access to what happens in commissioner meetings and, for that matter, what’s going to happen in the future.Greg Jeung, who is running for a commissioner seat, has said he will make county government more open. He wants to end the division between insiders and outsiders in our county government, and hold open forums in different towns, where citizens and groups can discuss issues before the board. He wants to televise commissioners’ meeting agendas, and highlights from various county departments published prominently in local newspapers rather than buried in the fine print on the legal pages. Greg’s performance on the Glenwood Springs City Council makes it clear he’d be an excellent commissioner. He is for open government and he listens to citizens.Thank you. Jean MartensenFormer Glenwood Springs City Councilor Nothing wrong with Becky RippyDear Editor,There is nothing wrong with:A candidate who puts the people in the district first, nothing wrong with that.A candidate who likes their opponent, nothing wrong with that.A candidate who agrees with good ideas, even if the idea wasn’t their idea, nothing wrong with that.A candidate who does not believe the way to lift themselves up, is to put your opponent down, nothing wrong with that.A candidate who has enough good to offer, they do not have time to talk negatively about their opponent, nothing wrong with that.A candidate who, when people think of them, they think of fairness, caring and integrity, nothing wrong with that.A candidate who is hardworking, honest, and has an enthusiastic approach to life, nothing wrong with that.Becky Rippy is running for house district 61, nothing wrong with that.Bob GordonNew CastleDemocrat endorses RippyDear Editor,I am a Democrat, and I am voting for Republican Becky Rippy for House District 61 this year. I have known Becky Rippy for 20 years. She has worked tirelessly towards creating lasting and positive change in this valley. Becky is someone who has dedicated herself to the protection of children’s rights, while raising two wonderful boys of her own. She has owned two private businesses and has worked with people in every walk of life. She has dealt with government entities and the struggle of making changes within the system.Becky’s husband, Steve, was born here, and together they take their dedication to our region to the highest level. What I love most about Becky is the fact that she is a smart, everyday citizen, who is aware of the challenges that face this area. She is willing to fight to try to make a difference. Watching the frustration of running a campaign and seeing the work and difficulties the candidate encounters, makes me even more impressed with her dedication and character.Becky knows what matters to us, knows what needs to be done, and has the ability to make it happen. She is a passionate local who will honestly protect our valley. She will not waiver and will be honest and true to her word. Becky Rippy is the first light in this political tunnel that can bring us closer together, not drive us apart.Scotti SilvermanGlenwood Springs

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