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Dear Editor,

Re-1 superintendent Fred Wall again shows the community why his administration is a failure. He falsely claims Ross Montessori, a new public school, is segregated when fact is, his schools are racially out of balance.

Since Mr. Wall can’t do the math, let’s help him:

RMS has 135 students, 110 from Carbondale’s district. With 24 Latino kids from Carbondale, that makes the local enrollment 26 percent Hispanic. Fred’s elementary was 70 percent Hispanic last year. The 2000 Census says the community is 32 percent Latino. RMS is 7 percent from the community racial make-up, Crystal River Elementary 38 percent off!

Whose recruitment failed? No brainer, I’d say. The newspaper quotes CRES as 70-80 percent Latino this year. That doesn’t show a mass change from last year, so where is Wall’s concern?

CRES was unbalanced before RMS was created; why? Five years ago my sister-in-law went to Fred offering to start an elementary outdoor education program with qualified people to run it and funding. Fred said “No thanks, we are about test scores.”

A year after that, friends of mine told Fred he needed to market our schools. Fred said “No thanks, we don’t do that.” A year after that, another couple told Fred we have a white flight problem in our schools, can we help with that? Fred said, “No thanks, we teach whoever walks in the door.”

Now sayeth Fred, “The district is devising a marketing plan” and “The district needs to advertise its outdoor education opportunities.”

Can we ditch the scapegoating and take a remedial math course?

Arthur Rothman


Dear Editor,

In this great land of ours, we need not search far to count our blessings. The Senate Judicial Committee hearings provide abundant reasons to be thankful!

The electorate welcomes opportunities to show pride in its elected officials. But, if I were from New York, Massachusetts, Delaware, Illinois, California or Vermont, I’d hide my head in shame after the atrocious performance of their senators in “grilling” Judge John Roberts.

“According to many sources,” these senators ” Schumer, Kennedy, Biden, Durbin, Feinstein and Leahy ” are the “cream of the crop,” constantly referred to as “leaders” of the Democratic Party, so logically they would lead the attack to destroy Judge Roberts.

Robert’s unscathed emergence was not an “upset” ” that’s when you defeat a superior opponent. From the beginning, the onslaught was no match. Judge Roberts proved to be intellectually superior, appropriately prepared, poised and confident, not the least intimidated.

In “verbal confrontations,” intelligence and honest expression always overcome boisterous talk, interruptions, incessant rambling, and pomposity. The “salacious six” senators behaved in a manner degrading to the Senate and embarrassing to their constituents. I am thankful that none of these egomaniacs represent me.

Thank you, Judge Roberts, and God bless you for renewing hope that our judicial system may rightfully perform under constitutional “rule of law” rather than judicial bias based upon “whims of the liberals.”

Judge John Roberts proved “beyond a reasonable doubt” that he is smarter and has more class than the sum total of all of the opposing senators put together.

Richard Doran


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