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Dear Editor,

The recent articles from Re-1 and nonprofit agencies advocating the passage of Referendum C suggest that the state will disintegrate unless spending is allowed to increase 10 percent faster than is currently allowed under current law. This implies that Colorado’s economy is boosted when government spends $3 billion that would otherwise be spent and invested by families and businesses. K-12 education and Medicare comprise 73 percent of the state’s general fund budget. Over the next five years, Medicaid spending is projected to grow by 56 percent; K-12 is projected to grow by 24 percent. Even if Referendum C passes, tax revenues are projected to grow by just 24 percent.

If spending is not reined in, the state would soon encounter another budget deficit ” even if TABOR was repealed completely. During the recession beginning in 1999/2000, spending on K-12 education was completely shielded from budget cuts by Amendment 23. General fund spending on education actually increased by 18.5 percent from 2000 to 2004. Meanwhile the ratchet effect of Amendment 23 caused nearly $943 million in cuts to other programs and reduced the spending base even further. Yet Referendum C proposes to put some $1 billion more into K-12 education over the next five years.

You read the reports of the CSAP findings of recent years; do you think you’re getting you’re money’s worth? It’s not all teacher’s fault but is throwing more money at the problem going to solve it? Why should taxpayers vote to put even more money into public education rather than restore funding for programs that have been cut?

Philip Maass

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

As many as 250,000 people rallied in Washington D.C. on Saturday, asking our government to support the troops by bringing them home from Iraq. Even if there were only 100,000 people there, as your story reported, that’s big news, and I would have liked to read more about it. Your paper devoted less than four column inches to this event, while it gave more than four times as much space to a gathering of 400 supporters of the war the following day.

Rallies for various causes attract 400 people any day of the week in Washington D.C., and we don’t hear a word about them. So why did Sunday’s pro-war rally merit even a mention in your paper?

The federal government has spent millions of dollars of our tax money to plant propaganda in our media, disguised as news. The Armstrong Williams scandal was just the best publicized example of this. In addition to that, they have the propaganda machine known as FOX News at their command, along with CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc.

It would, therefore, be nice if our own local newspaper attempted to cover the news fairly.

Nancy Smith


Dear Editor,

In response to the Sept. 9 Web site article regarding the “no show” of Molly Hatchet, I think your readers need to ask themselves why? Why wasn’t the band there, and more importantly, why wasn’t the promoter available to discuss any concerns the Garfield County Fairgrounds staff had regarding the band and their whereabouts?

As a longtime fan of Molly Hatchet and having been friends with the boys in the band for some time, I know that they are reliable and would never, without good reason, not show for a scheduled concert.

I also know that the band did play at 10:30 p.m. on that night.

It is too bad that there was not better communication between the fairground staff and the promoter as to what exactly was going on. I am sure that the fans of Molly Hatchet missed an excellent concert and missed out on an opportunity to really rock.

I strongly urge the good people of Garfield County to contact Saturn Concerts in writing for an explanation of what the reason was for the noncommunication of what was going on.

Molly Hatchet is a band that deserves our respect and loyalty because they are honest and honorable men who keep to their commitments.

Rita Martin


Dear Editor,

This is responding to Arthur Rothman’s letter to the editor dated Sept. 22.

I am appalled how you can write such an awful letter. I am an involved parent in the Roaring Fork schools and the community. When the Ross Montessori issue started, I was against it because of the segregation it would cause.

I have been reading about the percentages of Anglo and Latino students, and today you say that the public schools, or “Fred’s schools,” are racially out of balance. Let me give you a couple of facts.

First fact is, the reason public schools are unbalanced is due to Latino parents trying to sign up their kids in Ross, and when they see a Latino name on the application they put the application on the bottom of the list.

Second fact is, parents saying they don’t want their child sitting next to a Latino kid in class.

Third fact is, a parent stating she really didn’t agree with the RMS program but didn’t want her child in a school full of Latinos. Would you like for me to go on? If that is not segregation, I don’t know what is.

The only truthful thing mentioned in your letter is the comment that Fred made, “We teach whoever comes in the door.” That’s the great thing about our public schools. We are lucky to have great teachers who teach to whoever comes in the door, and not throwing them aside or putting them at the bottom of the pile.

A little advice, Arthur. Stop the criticism toward Fred Wall and together as community members we can work toward making a better community to raise our kids in, and teach them in God’s eyes we are all the same.

Chela Murillo


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