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Letters IV

Dear Editor,

Interesting letter from Denise Lang, in which she states, “not once has anyone in my family experienced the `foul odors’ that have been reported by other residents.” Does this mean she will be returning the nice air purifier that was provided to her and her family after she reported to EnCana that her children were getting sick from the fumes of the drilling rigs surrounding her home?

By the way, I would love to have the opportunity to smell manure in my backyard rather than kerosene and petroleum. EnCana continues to deprive me of my right to breathe without becoming sick.

Rebecca Brock

Grass Mesa

Dear Editor,

In an Oct. 12 Post Independent letter, U.S. Bureau of Land Management director for Colorado, Ron Wenker, suggests that environmentalists are misleading the public in stating that the agency’s Roan Plateau wilderness inventory was being ignored under new anti-wilderness directives from Washington D.C.

First, I appreciate his efforts to clarify what this recent decision to no longer consider Wilderness Study Area (WSA) protections for qualifying lands might mean for the Roan Plateau, and his pledge to protect wilderness-eligible lands through the land-use planning process. Our complaint is that the Bush administration has backed away from an earlier promise to consider WSA status.

Citizens were repeatedly told that BLM was to consider such protections for qualifying lands, and now we are being told – in the middle of the process – that this is no longer the case.

And while BLM can protect certain features like visual qualities or primitive recreation without the WSA designation, nothing provides the same level of protections.

Although the vast majority of public lands in the region remain available for development and are being drilled at a record pace, the Roan Plateau offers an undeveloped island of public lands protecting recreation, wildlife and open landscapes.

In spite of the Bush administration’s mid-game rule change, we hope BLM will truly act in the public interest and give these lands the protection they deserve.

Pete Kolbenschlag

Grand Junction

Dear Editor,

I recently moved to Glenwood Springs, lured here by the pool and the area’s abundant natural beauty. When asked what I like about Glenwood, my answer is always the same, “the people.”

Here is an example of what I mean: a teen-aged friend of mine, while washing his truck in West Glenwood, saw his dad’s wedding ring suddenly slip off his hand and into the grate in the bay floor.

A trucker, on a break, lifted the grate, and began sifting through the muck with a net. After numerous passes with the net, raising nothing but sludge, the trucker left, since he was on a schedule.

Shortly thereafter, Scott Daniels of High Rise Tree Care approached and offered help. He taped a wooden rod to his shovel handle, extending it. Then, getting down on his stomach, immersing his arms in extremely foul, greasy water to above his elbows, he brought shovel after shovel full of foul debris to the surface for over 30 minutes!

Just when all thought it hopeless, Scott sifted through the “gunk” pile once more. There in the muck lay a gold band.

The car wash owner arrived from Eagle, and turned on the water gratis so we could clean up the mess. Everyone pitched in until the job was completed. I want to thank everyone, especially Scott, for so graciously and tenaciously helping complete strangers deal with a seemingly impossible task.

Like I said about Glenwood, it’s the people.


Franci Candlin

Glenwood Springs

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