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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on the same-sex marriage issue. Being a homosexual, I’ve always considered myself equal to everyone else. I do not expect special privileges or parades to feel I belong. But I do expect equal rights.

If this country is really about religious freedom and justice for all, then why can’t two men marry? What’s the big deal, anyway?

If you don’t approve, that is your right. But what about my right to pursue happiness? Just because some people disagree with the way I live my life, does that give them, the right to discriminate against me and to ban me from legal marriage? Should others’ fears and insecurities prevent me from living the American dream? I don’t think so!

The Bible may not condone homosexuality. However, the Bible does not run this country. Whatever happened to the separation of church and state? And if you people really call yourselves Christians, doesn’t the Bible tell you not to judge others?

No matter how you look at this issue, not allowing same-sex marriage is being prejudiced. Wake up, America. I’m American, too, and deserve to be treated with equality and kindness.

Allen Terrence Nixon

Garfield County Jail

Dear Editor,

Re: Natalie Smith’s letter of racial prejudice (Post Independent, May 13).

I am 72 years old and have lived in western Colorado since I was 3 years old. When my family first came here, people were prejudiced against us as outside foreigners, even thought my folks were born in the United States. I am Anglo.

I spent a lifetime working with Hispanic people and most are very good people. I worked then when I was a Palisade fruit farmer. I also served in the Army. They were drafted like me, and we were ready to lay down our lives to protect the world from World War III. I worked construction with Hispanic Americans.

I don’t know about the modern high school history books, but she did mention the Alamo. Well, my high school history book told me that some of the defenders at the Alamo were Mexican citizens who wanted the same freedom as the Americans wanted.

Once before in United States history, hatred like Natalie Smith’s prevailed between the North and South, and a bloody civil war was fought.

I am a born-again Christian, and my Bible reads and my pastor preaches we should love others like we want them to love us.

There is only one answer to this, and other insolvable problems this nation faces. It for the American people return to being a praying, churchgoing people and turn the problems we can’t solve over to Jesus.

God bless.

Jack Gilbertson


Dear Editor,

Re: “Better late than never,” Post Independent, May 18.

Why don’t the county commissioners issue the gas drillers a stack of permits they can use as needed? They know the spineless commissioners can’t stand up to them, because they never have.

Mike McGuire


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