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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am writing to the community as a junior attending Rifle High School, in response to the recent alleged racial events. I am white and have several Hispanic friends. I am a Safe School Ambassador, and have been trained to notice what happens around me when I am at school. Yes, I notice racial comments, and yes, I notice bathroom stall graffiti. However, the targets are whites, Hispanics, Indians and African-Americans, and even our own teachers.

Do people forget that we are in high school and are not fully matured, and may time from time write something on the stall that is inappropriate? I do not approve of it, but the racial slurs are mutual.

Perhaps there may be more Hispanic-targeted events, but is it maybe because they try to seclude themselves from the whites and say whites don’t care about them? When a Hispanic student is in the hospital, the white majority population of RHS tries to raise money for them. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a nonracial event.

The truth is every RHS student has his or her own opinion about this subject. Whether they are true or not depends on your judgment.

The RHS staff will not tolerate any racial events, and programs like Safe School ambassadors work to enforce that there are no such racial events taking place.

I assure you that RHS and SSA try their hardest to keep our school safe and racial-incident-free.

Cole Oeltjenbruns


Dear Editor,

In response to my letter to the editor on May 20, at 11:24 a.m., someone left the following message on my voice mail:

“Yeah, this message is for Shannon Gerdel, um, this is from some people from Grand Valley High School, and you really p….d some of us off, and you know we’re going to call back here in a little while because you know what, you are kind of a d……d, so ah, we need to have a word with you, if you could just give us some time, we’ll keep it somewhat diplomatic, but, um, anyway, we’ll call back in a little while.”

I challenge the Parachute Police Department to find this individual. I challenge GVHS to find this person. I challenge you, parents, to have enough control over your child that they are brought up not to use vulgarities and obscenities on the phone. Good luck. Have a nice day. I rest my case, at least until they call back.

By the way, the above quote is not opinion, it is fact.

Shannon R. Gerdel

Casper, Wyo.

Dear Editor,

With regard to the debate over Social Security: Do people take better care of cars they own, or cars they rent? Are individuals more responsible for a rented house, or a purchased home? There is an unquantifiable benefit to ownership. If Social Security was originally set up with personal accounts, do you think anyone would opt for the current system?

Please encourage members of Congress to join in allowing Americans the choice and dignity in owning part of their retirement through personal, carefully regulated savings accounts rather than obstructing legislation that might help fix the mess called Social Security.

Christy Chaffetz

Grand Junction

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