Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The “fix was on.” This expression originated in sports when the outcome of an event was predetermined ” one of the opposition (team or athlete) was influenced, pressured or paid off to “throw” the event.

In Parachute, the fix was on in our school system, when two worthy teachers appealed the nonrenewal of their contracts. The “appeal procedure” produced overwhelming support for both from well-qualified teachers, involved parents, students and many informed citizens.

School board members are elected to represent the people in their district and should be objective in their decisions ” weighing the facts, evaluating both sides of the issues, and then making good judgments. We taxpayers are entitled to be well represented.

That did not happen.

Once the school board voted to support the extremely weak evaluations by a principal, it was obvious to all of us in attendance who spoke in the open forum supporting these teachers (there was no vocal support for nonrenewal) that the fix was on. … The tally was four to one against both teachers. Thank God it was not unanimous, because one board member had the courage to vote her convictions, rather than political correctness.

School boards who make bad decisions selecting a principal protect their power positions by supporting his decisions even if they are wrong. This happened here.

As a retired, concerned senior citizen whose taxes support our kid’s education, I appeal to others in this community to get involved!

Maybe it ain’t over. …

Richard Doran


Dear Editor,

We are writing you concerning the discrimination against the women in the Garfield County Jail. The females incarcerated here feel it is unfair that we don’t get the same privileges as the males incarcerated here.

The men are allowed work release as well as community corrections, etc. They even have the simple privileges, such as trustee status in the kitchen offices and the grounds.

Simple things such as coffee pots in the maximum unit and DVD players. In medium and minimum they have soda pop machines as well as open doors. They also get to stay up until 11 p.m. versus our 10 p.m. bedtime. They receive less lockdown time than the females do.

We feel this is total discrimination against us as women. What happened to equal rights? We feel this issue should be looked into for the future of all women inmates.

We are all innocent until proven guilty. Or is it guilty until proven innocent? Thank you for your time.

Misty Satterfield

Lynette Jones

Garfield County Jail

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